Being New We Are Thrilled

West Points Cadet Learning to SailWith every new sight.  Our neighbors must wonder,

every time we go rushing to the river with our camera to capture sights like these West Point Cadets learning to sail. West point has a Sailing Team with a mission to soundly beat the USNA team.

It is not as easy as you think. I remember learning. Like most things I taught myself . It is often counter intuitive, when you want to go left you pull right opposite of driving a car.

The West Point club includes the USMA Sailing Team that has the mission of MISSION. To compete and win consistently on an intercollegiate level in dinghy and offshore sailing while fostering teamwork, developing leadership skills, and promoting individual and social development.

USMA Sailing Team Facebook

They launch from the West Point Yacht Club

Learnign to Sail

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