Thinking of Moving to the Hudson Valley?

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The decision, search, and the actual act of moving from our prior home of 27 years was an unbelievably challenging, emotional, backbreaking, yet at the end of the day spectacularly successful endeavor.

We will admit we had magical, call it besherit, kismet or fate, help from very good friends, who are way to humble to be mentioned here. We thank them again anyway.

And we have some advice and offer our help if you are thinking about moving to the Hudson Valley.  We’d be happy to help.  You can contact us at


and our brief words of advice….
Find a place you love.

When we look back to the highs and lows of what has been by now an over 18 month adventure, the moments when we thought we would just never find anything or compromise with a temporary dwelling.  Or the times we fell in love with places we could not justify in expense. Searching all over the Hudson Valley, from Warwick, to Kingston,  Beacon, Peekskill and surrounds.

We are so happy that we persisted and found just the right place. A true home we call Casa Gialla (Yellow House).  We are so happy here. We advise you to find a happy place too.

Bear Mountain Bridge


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