Sunday Sightings

More Signs of Spring!

Benmarl Winery is a beautiful place to visit.
Garrison Landing Beach. Where's the lifeguard?
The popular Mary Jane's Dairy Bar open for business.
First picnic in the Garrison Landing Private Park, shared with all.
Our first plantings are always pansies, such a beautiful sign of spring.
Diana brought this beautiful sun sculpture home from one of our trips to the Riviera Maya, he has seen a lot and now makes sure there it is always a sunny day on our terrace.



Thinking of Moving to the Hudson Valley?

La Casa GiallaWe Have Some Advice

The decision, search, and the actual act of moving from our prior home of 27 years was an unbelievably challenging, emotional, backbreaking, yet at the end of the day spectacularly successful endeavor.

We will admit we had magical, call it besherit, kismet or fate, help from very good friends, who are way to humble to be mentioned here. We thank them again anyway.

And we have some advice and offer our help if you are thinking about moving to the Hudson Valley.  We’d be happy to help.  You can contact us at

[email protected]


[email protected]

and our brief words of advice….
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Hudson Valley to Supply Water to California

April 1, 2015 Albany, NY

Brown and Cuomo

In an Unprecedented Bicoastal Agreement

Desperate times call for desperate measures said Governors Brown and Cuomo upon the announcement of the most expensive the public works project since the “Big Dig” in Boston.

With NASA sobering announcement that California will run out of water in 2016. an emergency summit was called by the two states that share so much.   With funds previously intended for the Keystone Pipeline project, thousands of Americans will be employed to build a massive modern technology aqueduct that to span the country like the Interstate Highway projects of the 50’s.

Jilted Great Lake state governors and Ted Cruz have expressed great objections to the project which is projected to cost over One Quadrillionth Dollars. Brown and Cuomo justified the effort by citing the vast amount of wine reserves the states can share in exchange for water that other states may contribute.

Further details are coming on April 1 2016.




I Love How Easy It Is

To Get Here

Clinton Street Man on Phone important business

 From Here

DSCN0064For This

Alyssa Vitrano at Seoul Chicken 3

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Forget the Toasts, Ditch the Flute Glasses, Just Drink Champagne!

To get to the dining mecca of the “LES” just take Metro North to Grand Central, walk a few blocks to the F train, cross 42nd to be on the NY Public Library side, hop on the F train, get off at Delancey, walk north on Essex, you are there.


Celebrations and Well Wishes Would’ve Already Begun

Guinans Pub

If Guinan’s Pub was still with us today…

I can’t put down nor can I bring myself to finish the heartfelt stories in Gwendolyn Bound’s precious book “Little Chapel on the River” about the faithful general store and welcoming Irish pub that was just a short stroll from where we live on Garrison Landing for 50 years. How I wish I lived here then.

To all the Guinan family still here and those in heaven, to all the friends and lovers that made this pub like home, a great great St. Patrick’s Day to you all. 

Photo by Gwedolyn Bounds

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