Sunday Poem — The Hudson As You Haven’t Seen It Before

Pierce River CroppedThe Hudson As You Haven’t Seen It Before

This great material was posted by Will Nixon of Kingston on his fascinating Website.

Thomas Wolfe wrote big rhapsodic novels such as Look Homeward, Angel that I read as a teen. After his early death in 1938, an enthusiast named John S. Barnes went through Wolfe’s prose to convert passages into poems with line breaks, which were collected and published as A Stone, A Leaf, A Door. I love these examples of cross dressing poetry and prose. Jack Kerouac cannibalized his haiku for Desolation Angels. Melville was so immersed in Shakespeare while writing Moby Dick that whole paragraphs scan in iambic pentameter. Even Donald Rumsfeld had a book of poetry in him surely more entertaining than his current biography. Continue reading Sunday Poem — The Hudson As You Haven’t Seen It Before


Hudson Valley Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day Weekend is always an exciting time, for many the unofficial beginning of summer.  Yet more than ever it is a time to pause and remember, to thank and appreciate all those who have served and sacrificed to preserve the liberty and freedom we hold so dear.

At a time where there seem to be greater threats than ever, I am so grateful for the loyal and determined people who make up our noble armed forces. With them, and with those who made the ultimate sacrifice in our hearts and minds, we should celebrate and enjoy a wonderful weekend.

And by the way, while we do have sadness in our hearts, “It’s Perfectly OK to Say ‘Happy Memorial Day” ask Ken Harbaugh a former Navy pilot, writing for the New York Observer.

Happy Memorial Day.

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A Sunday Morning Poem

Coffee and OrangesI was looking for a poem to post on this glorious Sunday morning. Came across these moving stanzas in the poem “Sunday Morning” by Wallace Stevens one of America’s most respected poets.

I evokes exciting thoughts and imagery. And leaves me so very grateful for this day.

An annotation suggests “Stevens relates the metaphysical reflections of a woman who is skipping church. While relaxing over a cup of coffee on a sunny Sunday morning, she entertains the blasphemous idea that a world with no heaven might actually be a better one. If we aren’t always focused on the hereafter, she reasons, we might actually learn to appreciate the paradise we already inhabit. As Stevens so memorably puts it: ‘Death is the mother of beauty’.”  Sunday Morning Read by the Author

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Two Hudson Valley Stars in this Negroni Cocktail

Gin is the Thing IngredientsTwo Hudson Valley stars take a part in this excellent Negroni.  The well known Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery with their Rustic American Dry Gin and a new upstart Stockade Farm and Apothecary with their delightful Orange Clove Bitters.

In this Negroni we let the gin take center stage and a beautiful performance it was.  With a exciting accents of Stockade Orange Clove Bitters. Read More

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Yes, Sir, That’s Some Mighty Fine
Texas BBQ!

Roundup Texas BBQ Cold SpringWe’ve had a hankering to try the local BBQ place our friends have been raving about.  Located outside of town a bit south of 301 on Route 9 Cold Spring, Roundup Texas BBQ & Tumbleweed Saloon looks a lot like a place you find down south.

We enjoyed our dinner which included a tasting of several meats and sides.  Continue reading Yes, Sir, That’s Some Mighty Fine
Texas BBQ!


Sunday Driving

From Beacon South on 9D, hikers are out, people are enjoying the sun.


The Gates of Garrison NY

We started to collect these a month or so ago. Will be adding more with descriptions soon.  And here is a controversial yet beautiful poem “Unguarded Gates” by Thomas Bailey Aldrich  (1895) Continue reading The Gates of Garrison NY


It’s Spring, Drink Pink

Sulauze Aix en Provence Rose PomponetteOr salmon, coral, peach, just make sure it is a Rosé.

It can be a rosado from Portugal or Spanish or a rosato as it is called in Italy, but for spring drinking, all summer long for that matter rosés are a great choice.

Sipped this fabulous wine from Domaine de Sulauze in Aix en Provence called Pomponette, perfect with a simple salad. A little more flavor and nose than a white, but the real show is the color! Continue reading It’s Spring, Drink Pink