A Fun Day at Basilica in Hudson with Random House “Off the Page”

It was a wondeful day!


Grateful for Our Independence


Citizens of our United States rejoice, revel in the joy of our independence, and be grateful for all it affords us.  Yet, be vigilant and on the ready, for today almost two and a half centuries later, there are those outside, and among us who seek to deny our freedom, and unthinkably to discriminate against certain Americans they don’t like.  Celebrate and remember the words of these great people… Continue reading Grateful for Our Independence


Great Asian Cuisine – To Go – Tuesday and Wednesday

Marnies Asian Kitchen to GoWe have been so looking forward to tasting what Marnie Henricksson is serving at her latest venture Marnie’s Asian Kitchen to Go that just opened in May.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday she is offering a very tempting menu of Asian cuisine out of St. Mary’s Church in Cold Spring.

This past week we tried two dishes and loved them.   Continue reading Great Asian Cuisine – To Go – Tuesday and Wednesday


Marnie Hillsley Always in Our Heart

Marnie HillsleyMarney Hillsley will always be a dear friend of ours, and will forevermore be remembered by us and the many people in her life, in our community, that loved and admired here so much.

We were so moved and inspired by the words, poems and songs shared at her memorial service this past Saturday at St. Philip’s Church of the Highlands.

Marney’s spirit will be with us eternally, as will the positive changes she made to world in her life.

Continue reading Marnie Hillsley Always in Our Heart


Sunday Poem – California Prodigal

Sand Dollar Beach View


The eye follows, the land

Slips upward, creases down, forms
The gentle buttocks of a young
Giant. In the nestle,
Old adobe bricks, washed of
Whiteness, paled to umber,
Await another century.
Star Jasmine and old vines
Lay claim upon the ghosted land,
Then quiet pools whisper
Private childhood secrets.
Flush on inner cottage walls
Antiquitous faces,
Used to the gelid breath
Of old manors, glare disdainfully
Over breached time.
Around and through these
Cold phantasmatalities,
He walks, insisting
To the languid air,
Activity, music,
A generosity of graces.
His lupin fields spurn old
Deceit and agile poppies dance
In golden riot.   Each day is
Fulminant, exploding brightly
Under the gaze of his exquisite
Sires, frozen in the famed paint
Of dead masters. Audacious
Sunlight casts defiance
At their feet.

Maya Angelou, “California Prodigal” from And Still I Rise. Copyright © 1978 by Maya Angelou.


The Beautiful Luminaries Who Support the Desmond-Fish Library

The Roundhouse BeaconWere present in numbers, glamorously attired, and sweetly conversant for the Annual Associates Dinner to honor the 2015 Desmond-Fish award winners.

Held at The Round House Beacon Falls, we were so thrilled to be present at this grand occasion and make many new friends. Continue reading The Beautiful Luminaries Who Support the Desmond-Fish Library