Jewel of the Himalayas, an Evening Back in Nepal

Jewel of the Himalayas MomosDiana spent three weeks in Nepal with work for a Walls that Unite project, more on that in a moment.  She fell in love with the Nepalese people and their cuisine. You don’t find dining as exquisite as this everywhere in Nepal, yet it did bring back such fond memories for her.

One of her favorite dishes were Momos, pictured above. They are a type of dumpling from neighboring Tibet, thought to be from the people of the Newari civilization who’ve dwelled in the Kathmandu valley for may centuries. Continue reading Jewel of the Himalayas, an Evening Back in Nepal


A Visit to Highland Falls Farmer’s Market and Sculpture Walk

highlan Falls Farmers Market Sign

Across the river near West Point is the historic town of Highland Falls. It has seen its better days despite being so close to the Military Academy, but there are some high points worth exploring.

We liked the farmer’s market which is held every Sunday from 9:00-2:00 through October. We also explored the “The Highland Falls ArtWalk: Leadership and Wisdom” which is on display through Nov. 20. A link to the NY Times Article and a video on this show is below . Continue reading A Visit to Highland Falls Farmer’s Market and Sculpture Walk


DoZoe Albarino a Perfect White Wine from Dylan’s in Peekskill

Doe Zoe Albarino 2

A delightfully versatile white wine pleasant as a starter with cheese or olives but then very able to pair with a rich sausage roast like this one we made with meat from Marbled Meat Market in Cold Spring and fresh produce from the area.

Sausage and Peppers

Made by the small Adega Marea Alta in Galicia, Spain whose wines are mostly consumed in Spain it is a delight to find her at Dylan’s Wine Cellar in Peekskill.

It comes forth with a glistening soft straw yellow color with a touch of green. It was reserved at first with a tight grapefruit lemon aromas and flavored that morphed into apple and tart peach, even pear much like a good California Sauvignon Blanc. The trick with this wine is to let it breath, after being open for a little over an hour the aromas and flavors really intensified.

Made with classic and exotic Spanish grapes Albarino, Caino Blanco, Godello, Loureiro, and Treixadura that give the wine a beguiling complexity that we adored.

Dylan’s Wine Cellar

Marbled Meat Shop

Watch what David Hunter of the great Chelsea Wine Vault has to say.


A Beautiful Morning – Poem by Solomon Bright Dankwa

Constitution Island View

i have been awoken.
with my eyes still closed.
by the rising sun
from an unknown island
where the grave of my saint lies

The rays of the the sun,
bows upon my spirit
with pleasure
leaving some kind of enthusiasm in me
like a rose left with a smile.

As i open my arrogant eyes
just to see a beautiful sun
rising from defeat
at a far distance where i could not touch.

i was statued like i was electrocuted
but a smile spread over my visage
just to experience a beautiful morning.

Solomon Bright Dankwa


Like a Kid in a Candy Shop at Suburban Wines

kid's_delight_sweet_three_candy_shop_hd-wallpaper-1563311This past weekend I went on an expedition south and east in search of new booze purveyors.  My trip took me to Hudson Valley Beverage in Mahopac, NY which was a disappointment and Suburban Wines and Spirits in Yorktown Heights which was an utter delight.

I felt like a kid in a candy shop, so many intriguing wines and liquors to choose from. It is without a doubt the best wine and liquor store in the 20 mile radius from our home base of Garrison Landing.

I am still getting used to this separation in New York. Wines and Spirits under one license and beer and malt liquors under another.  In New Jersey you can get both in the same establishment.

Suburban celebrates “vive la différence.”  Yes I am stretching the meaning of that phrase to make a point.  While you can get the standards, I walked away with my purchases in a Barefoot Wine box, but none of that for me, I like the exciting different and unique finds, and here there are many.

A new Garrison friend suggested I try Suburban as we discoursed on the wine and things. I told him how much I like Viscount and Mid-Valley, but he smiled and said wait till you see Suburban. Frankly the thought of driving down into the congested roads  of Yorktown was not encouraging. I enjoy being here in the quiet realm of Putnam, try to avoid leaving at all cost. But leave I must and am so glad I did.

You see Suburban is a place where they call their staff with titles like Wine Maven, Whiskey Fanatic and apt names they are. For even as traveled and seasoned in the world of wines and spirits that I am, I found many new and exciting things here.

Can’t wait to get back for more.

Suburban Wine & Spirits
379 Downing Drive
Yorktown Heights NY 10598
Phone: 914-962-3100



Sunday Poem – The Good Survives

Hand in Hand cropped

I love this poem that appeared in the New York Times

The Good Survives


Not the time Jane threw a coffeepot at Don,
but the time they swam with turtles in Puako Bay.

Not getting drunk and crashing your friend’s car,
but handing him your #20 Adams, that’s caught fish all day.

Not the father’s snarl and hissing belt —
the time he played catch for an hour, sick with flu.

Einstein intuited this law, but couldn’t prove it:
Not his mad son and ruined marriage — E = mc².

Not Colly Cibber — Dryden, Swift, and Pope.
Not Sweet Rebel Sword — Moby Dick.

If not in heaven, then in mind, Auschwitz evaporates;
the orchid’s purple stays. Not the boy drowned

in a backyard pool, the girl’s heart missing beats,
then lying still. The way she’d lift her arms up

from her crib, and say, “Kiss. Kiss.” The way he’d throw
open the bedroom door, and say, “Daddy, it’s day.”



Charles Harper Webb is an American poet, professor, psychotherapist and former singer and guitarist. His most recent poetry collection is Shadow Ball (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2009).


A Visit to Glorie Farm Winery, Where Growing Rules!

Glorie Farm Talking WIne With DougIt was a perfect day for a drive, sun out, top down, let’s visit a Hudson Valley winery.

Glorie Farm Winery is the sixth winery we have visited on the Shawangunk Wine Trail which winds through the Hudson River Valley from Warwick to New Paltz taking you to fourteen vineyards or wineries. Perched high on Mt. Zion Mountain in Marlboro, NY, this one offers great views and a comfortable place to enjoy their very good wine.

The farm is over 100 years old, Doug and his wife purchased it in 1979. Since then Doug, a former IBM engineer, has been perfecting his science of growing great fruit and making great wine. Read more of this story at New York Cork Report

Glorie Farms Winery Table and Chairs

Glorie Farm Winery Tasting Room glory Farm Winery Orchards


Sunday Poem – Back Yard

Big Bright Moon

Back Yard by Carl Sandberg

Shine on, O moon of summer.
Shine to the leaves of grass, catalpa and oak,
All silver under your rain to-night.

An Italian boy is sending songs to you to-night from an accordion.
A Polish boy is out with his best girl; they marry next month;
to-night they are throwing you kisses.

An old man next door is dreaming over a sheen that sits in a
cherry tree in his back yard.

The clocks say I must go—I stay here sitting on the back porch drinking
white thoughts you rain down.

Shine on, O moon,
Shake out more and more silver changes.



Carl August Sandburg was an American poet, writer, and editor who won three Pulitzer Prizes, two for his poetry and one for his biography of Abraham Lincoln.