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This blog is a journal of our adventures discovering all the wonders of the Hudson Valley, our new home,  by Diana Polack and Peter Conway.

This place is in an incredible resurgence. Crafters, Farmers, Wine Makers, Distillers, Cooks, and Artists of every kind abound. We are so excited to be a part of the vibrant community here.

For twenty seven years we lived, raised a family, enjoyed many wonderful moments, in Montclair, NJ a wonderful town near New York City. We lived on a street called Riverview Drive,  but there was no river view and we have always longed for a home by the water and so we found one on the banks of the Hudson River in the historic district called Garrison’s Landing.

We call it “Casa Gialla” (Yellow House). A secluded and precious place where life will be very different.La Casa Gialla

Being a stone’s throw from a mighty river like the Hudson presents a constant metaphor of life. The river has a long and rich history, good times and bad. It flows, always moving, every moment changing presenting beautiful sites. Boats, birds, glistening light, and the luscious energy in the water flows.

In this blog we will share our adventure of discovering all that the Hudson Valley has to offer.

So who are we?

Diana Polack founded and Chief Art Officer of  Artware for Good a company that “Through the Universal Language of Art – ArtWare provides practical solutions for mission driven initiatives that support schools, nonprofits, corporations and individuals.”  www.artwareforgood.com  More

Peter is an Account Executive for a national business technology firm Net@Work. Linkedin Profile  But his real passion is wine and food and all that goes with them.  Since 2005 he has published the popular wine and food blog Manoavino:Taste!  and more recently Donne del Vino  and 100 Negronis. Peter recently became a correspondent for the New York Cork Report covering the Hudson Valley

Peter Conway and Diana Polack


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