Diana Polack – Artist, Fundraising Professional, Leader and Facilitator

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Diana Polack has always believed she could “do it all” combining motherhood and entrepreneurship, driven by her passion for art and service. Several business ventures, two grown children and an enduring marriage later she can attest it can be a wild and worthy ride.

She is delighted to have a new home in the Hudson Valley with her husband Peter Conway and very excited about all the coming adventures they will have here.

Diana is President and Founder of ArtWare for Good which she started 23 years ago. Seeing a need for fundraisers to support art departments in public schools, Diana created a program where children could create art that families would purchase on a variety of quality wares.

ArtWare has raised millions through the years for schools, community and religious groups and other organizations while enhancing the educational experience for children through out the country.

Combining Diana’s passion for art and travel, she also created ArtWare’s, “Walls that Unite”, a mission driven service learning initiative, expressed through the creation of art tile walls that educate, connect communities, and raise funds to enhance the lives of all involved.

Her third venture is, ArtWare’s Global Marketplace, an exciting new project that grew from Diana’s travels with Walls that Unite and the discovery of nonprofits engaged in initiatives to enhance the lives of women and girls around the globe. In September, ArtWare will launch its newest fundraising opportunity offering these products from Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, Cambodia and Thailand (to name a few) to schools nationwide.

Diana is also a Group Leader and Trainer of BIG – believe, inspire, grow, an educational, advocacy and networking group for women in transition. We provide a safe place to learn and grow and gain confidence while re-entering the work world or redefining oneself. The organization has over 30 chapters and 1,000 members around the United States and is quickly growing.

She facilitates and organizes the Montclair Chapter. With over 30 active members who meet monthly to hear engaging speakers on relevant business topics as well as to nurture relationships of like minded women.


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