Doug’s Pretty Good Pub, Is a Lot More than Pretty Good


Our fourth visit to Doug Price’s heart-warming, Cold Spring, local bar that brings steady pleasure for those looking for a welcoming old school place to have a good glass of beer and some flavorful bar food in a relaxed comfortable setting.

We met Doug this time and learned that we might have been shoulder to shoulder in one of our favorite old Tribeca, NY bars of the early 80’s like good old Puffy’s or Barnabas Rex.  We worked and played down there, oh what fond memories.  It is sure different now.

Doug’s place brings back those great feelings in a place that has been a bar since the 1800’s. It has that beautiful old atmosphere but is current with great local craft beers…


and fresh tasty well made bar food. Like this crisp garden salad.


Three types of chicken wings.


And several delicious burgers, this is the classic. The unique Japan Burger, and the Bleu, Swine and Tears are favorites. The burger  options span the glob with flavor, and don’t worry there is a vegetarian burger too. There is more on the menu check out the website below.


Of course Guinness is always on tap.


Doug’s Pretty Good Pub

54 Main Street Cold Spring, NY 10516


Highlands Current Article

Tribeca Memories



Newburgh Brewing Company a Place for Fun, Family and Friends


I have to admit the thought of going to Newburgh has been a little intimidating with the reports of crime you read about.  We had been to the waterfront district with all its restaurants and places to walk and boat, it’s very safe there. But it did not really appeal to us. Seemed too corporate. We like more charming areas.

We had heard about Liberty Street and the historic district which seemed appealing so we decided to venture over and are going back tonight for dinner with friends at Liberty Street Bistro.

After a walk down Liberty where we found two great looking restaurants, a European coffee caffe, and a fabulous wine shop, along with a Washington’s Headquarters, we headed over by car to Colden Street in the East End Historic District to Newburgh Brewing.

Did you know that the “City of Newburgh has the second largest historic district in New York State. over 4,000 buildings of historic interest.”

Newburgh Brewing is in a building built over 110 years ago and was once the Newburgh Paper Box Factory. The signage you see pays homage to historical value of this place.

Step inside and the theme continues, with an inviting wide open space and bar that warmly welcomes family and friends. newburgh-brewing-dining-and-playroom newburgh-brewing-barMy interest in Newburgh Brewing comes from my own family as my daughter Nell who is quite steeped in the world of fine craft beer first introduced me to their fine Brown Ale. Fact is that when my son Pierce and Nell come home to Garrison for Thanksgiving we plan to stop by Newburgh Brewing for some fun food and drink Wednesday evening.

Beers of the day are on the chalk boards behind the bar, nothing quite as good as freshly brewed beer.


The appealing food offerings are on another chalk board.


Can’t wait to get back there again.

Read more about Newburg Brewing here: Newburgh Brewing Company

88 Colden St, Newburgh, NY
(845) 569-2337


Happy at Healy’s Corner Bar

Healy's corner restaurant and bar, tapsEvery couple of months we make the trek up to the big beautiful DeCicco & Sons market in Brewster.  It is a forty minute drive, which for us, who used to live in Montclair, NJ  no more than 10 minutes from six great supermarkets and countless specialty shops, is a ways.

DeCicco’s has a great selection of all sorts of gourmet delights so it is worth the drive. On our latest trip we decided to check out Healy’s Corner Bar in nearby Carmel.

Healy’s is relatively new, opened in 2011, but it feels like it has been here forever, a friendly neighborhood type place that I loved growing up. Great places like this seem to have disappeared over the years as corporate chains baited diners and drinkers away with what looked like the next big thing.  We have never favored corporate dining and are delighted when we find a place like this.

Hear you’ll find a full bar with a good number of beers on tap, half are rotating craft, the rest major brands.  For your dining pleasure there is a nice menu of American dishes including, creative salads, enticing sandwiches, entrees called “Healy’s Signatures” with steaks, chicken dishes, fish and chips, and more.  On the menu you will also find homemade Italian from “Curzio’s Kitchen” who ever that is, sounds authentic.  And burgers! 12 varieties, or build your own. Last year, voted best burgers in Putnam. They are served with a choice of  homemade French or sweet potato fries, potato salad, garlic mashed, cole slaw, side salad, or vegetable of the day. For those who need there are gluten free options. Eat at the bar or in one of the two dining rooms.

Served by one of the genuinely friendly bartenders I have ever met, Jason, we enjoyed some good beer and burgers.  What’s on tap can be found on Beer Menus. I won’t be looking for wine here.

I devoured the special burger of the month, January, “Mac and Cheese Burger” with very tasty French fries.

Healy's corner restaurant and bar, burge special mac and cheeseDiana enjoyed the bun-less “Shroom Burger” with portobella mushrooms instead of bread. She picked the sweet potato fries, which she did not like as much as my French, said they weren’t sweet enough.

Healy's corner restaurant and bar, burger shrooms

There is a happy hour and events and specials during the week, live music, more info on Healey’s web site.

Thursday is $2 Taco night, and your are invited to take the “Taco Challenge” which I understand to win you’ll have to eat more than 21.  I had two, good, not the best, but a good cheap bar bite.

Healy's corner restaurant and bar, thursday 2 dollar tacos  The bar has a lot of TV’s and I imagine Healy’s get quite crowded on  major sport days.

Nothing much to look at from the outside, yet Healy’s is a friendly neighborhood place with good food and drink for reasonable prices. As it is mean to be. Lovingly owned and operated by Stacey & Ryan Healy.

Healy’s Corner Restaurant
474 Route 52
Carmel, NY 10512
(845) 306-7087



Stagnant Employment & Wages? Not in the Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Biz!


You may live here and probably know. It is not hard to notice. Seems like everyday we see a new restaurant, brewer, food maker or purveyor etc. popping up in the Hudson Valley.

Recently we got the real stats.  Presented at the exciting 2015 Hudson Valley Beer, Wine, Spirits & Cider Summit, an annual event of the Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Alliance “fueled by” Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation.

So the news is this, over 57,000 people are employed by HV based Food and Bev businesses which represents growth of 20% in employment numbers over the last five years with a healthy 7.5% growth rate in wages.

Why does this make us happy? Continue reading Stagnant Employment & Wages? Not in the Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Biz!


Tasty Event This Weekend Cold Spring

The Pantry Marbled Meat Event 7-25-26

Here is a great event for foodies, beer lovers and music fans alike.

Saturday 7/25 and Sunday 7/26 oysters by the dozen and lobster rolls for sale to go from @brooklynoysterparty and small batch artisan chocolate from @raakachocolate (starting at 10am and 11am) with live music in the evening @7pm paired with raw bar and grill food from @marbledmeatshop

If you are interested in having seafood permanently at the market, stop by and show your support start with pre-orders!

Marbled Meat Shop

The Pantry Cold Spring



Boss Burgers and Beer at Poppy’s Beacon

poppy's Beacon Burgers EnhancedWe are true burger aficionados that can chalk up tasting experiences the likes of which include an hour of arousing contemplation waiting on line in Madison Park to savor an authentic Danny Meyer Shake Shack Burger and the dramatic sensation of the Foie Gras as we cherished one of the artful burgers at db Bistro Moderne, and so many other fabulous burger places around the country. Corner Bistro, Smash Burger, In-N-Out, we have done so many.

There is a moment of truth as you are about to taste what you hope will be your next great burger, when the question looms — “Will this one delight or disappoint?”  You see the down side of enjoying so many great ones is that it becomes harder and harder to delight, yet Poppy’s burgers won!  We loved them both.

It helps of course if you have a happy and charming server like Kelley! She knows just what to do and more importantly when you are out for a great burger and beer, knows her beers!poppy's Beacon Beer enhanced

Poppy’s has a few locals brews on tap and more in can and bottles. This one from Single Cut in Queens, NY was awesome.

You won’t be completely happy unless you order a mountain of the perfectly prepared Poppy’s fries. We added a side of the house made aioli. Love mayo on my fries.

Poppy's Beacon Fries Enhanced

What makes this food so good? Very well sourced truly natural ingredients, food that tastes good and feels good. Makes you happy.

The seating is comfy in the simple interior or the cozy backyard garden.

Poppy's Table enhanced

There are vegan options on the menu if meat is not your thing. But at a place like this come on, indulge!

Their mission “to provide affordable, farm-fresh food in a casual environment. We source the best local grass-fed beef. All of our produce is Hudson Valley grown whenever possible. We also proudly serve the best veggie burgers in town and micro-brews that complement our burgers.” Done, Done and Done!

Poppy’s Burger & Fries
184 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 765-2121 Hours
Monday: 11am to 4pm
Wednesday: 11am to 4pm
Thursday-Sunday: 12pm to 8pm


Motown Rocks and Japanese Delights at Quinn’s in Beacon

Quinns Beacon Dining Room

After getting a taste of  Yukie Schmitz’s fine home-style Japanese cuisine at a Manitoga event this past Saturday, we could not wait to get to the restaurant her husband Tom and she opened recently in the old Quinn’s Luncheonette in Beacon — for more!

Last night they were also hosting a Motown DJ which was great incentive too, we loved both. Or should I say everything! Fabulous Japanese small plates and noodle dishes, great booze, and sweet music. All in a place with classic atmosphere and great staff. Continue reading Motown Rocks and Japanese Delights at Quinn’s in Beacon


Hudson Valley Weekend Fun
May 9th & 10th

Colds Spring Farmers Market at Boscobel

Lots of fun things to do this weekend in the Lower and Mid Hudson Valley and beyond.

We are excited that one of our favorite farmers’ market moves outdoors on Saturday, Cold Spring Farmers Market. The Hudson Valley Fair continues this weekend, 2015 Hudson Valley Fair. It is Mother’s Day weekend which does traditionally mean flowers. Check Out this great listing from our friends at Good Homes Hudson Valley, Mothers Day.

Continue reading Hudson Valley Weekend Fun
May 9th & 10th


Chatham Brewing Tap Takeover

Cold Spring General Store Taps Chatham Brewingat Cold Spring General Store

I am speaking with a little tongue in cheek, because a Tap Takeover¹ is generally when a particular brewer takes over all or many of a bar or pub’s² taps to showcase many of their beers. But, as Chris Cunningham, General Manager of Chatham Brewing who was serving this night, said “this is the easiest Take Takeover I’ve ever done.”

The  occasion was Cold Spring General Store’s first anniversary party,  the shop is small yet very smartly stocked, two taps were just right to get a worthy sampling of Chatham Brewery’s work, they make over sixteen beers. Continue reading Chatham Brewing Tap Takeover