Birdsall House, Craft Beer Gastropub, Peekskill NY

Bridsall House


Is another bar we really like

for their great beer selection,  delicious food, and friendly atmosphere.  Set in a bar that had been a Peekskill fixture for decades, Tim Reinke co-owner of the Blind Tiger Ale House, a famous beer pub in New York City, and Gleason’s restaurant in Peekskill, modestly renovated, majorly cleaned, and opened this place with John Sharp, also of Gleason’s, in 2010.

They saw an opportunity in the renewal of Peekskill, that is now really starting to take shape, at least as far as the food and drink scene go. Continue reading Birdsall House, Craft Beer Gastropub, Peekskill NY


We Do Love Bars, Like Dogwood in Beacon

Jill at the Bar Dogwood Beacon NYAnd discovering all the great ones in the Hudson Valley has been fun.

Dogwood in Beacon is destined to be a favorite.

So what makes a good bar? Great atmosphere? good booze, decent food? Yea that’s all true.  But I think the most important thing is this, a bar can have none of those qualities I just mentioned and still be great, as long as it has Great People.

Dogwood excels at everything you want in a great bar, but what we loved the most were all the great people here. Continue reading We Do Love Bars, Like Dogwood in Beacon


Locals, Tourists, and We Like Whistling Willies, Cold Spring

Whistling WIllie's the Tapsa classic old world American Bar and Restaurant

with great drinks food and entertainment. Set in what must have once been a hotel decades ago.  We especially love their happy hour. The friendly staff are oh so welcoming here, you feel right at home with all the locals, regular customers, here on any given night.  Continue reading Locals, Tourists, and We Like Whistling Willies, Cold Spring


Peakskill Brewery is a Fav!

Peakskill Brewery Beer Board

and is another place that sold us on the eastern bank of the Hudson River

When we began our search for a new home last summer Peekskill was on our list.  Which of course brought us back to Peakskill Brewery.  We had visited their original smaller location a couple of years ago, were not all that impressed at the time. But the new place, Wow! We decided we would love to have a bar like this in our backyard.

The beer, cocktails, food, staff, ambiance is all fabulous here.

Continue reading Peakskill Brewery is a Fav!


Best Coffee in Cold Spring is

The Pantry Cafe Cortado

at The Pantry

and their Cortado is Diana’s favorite pour now, at the best place for coffee we have found in the area. From Spain, it’s like a macchiato, an espresso with a small cut of milk, at The Pantry on route 9 in Cold Spring.

We have enjoyed breakfast here many times and is one of our go-to places for craft beers.  The sandwiches and salads, as well as fresh squeezed juices are terrific. And there’s more.

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The Hop in Beacon

Diana and Cathy Hanging at The Hop
is one of the places

that sold us on the Hudson Valley was the bar, beer store, and restaurant called The Hop in Beacon. Say hello to Diana and close friend Cathy who joined us with Conrad who farms hops in Cooperstown NY, for a great lunch.  Conrad was buried in The Hop’s fabulous menu.

We loved The Hop in it’s original small rendition, and are even more excited about the new expand restaurant, with more seats and still all the charm. Continue reading The Hop in Beacon