Living on “The Landing”

Our House on Garrison Landing

On a snowy day

towards the end of December we began our move from Montclair, NJ, to Garrison. Diana and I dwelt in Montclair for 27 years, raised two children, Nell and Pierce, and have many precious memories.

January 2015 began another great adventure here in the Hudson Valley. Where we will be making many rich deposits in our “Memory Banks”, as my mother. Elva, loved to say, the greatest wealth you can have.

She would have loved this place.

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Well It’s About Time

Bear Mountain Bridge It seems like just yesterday

when we crossed this bridge into a brand new life. It was early fall, the very beginning of our discovery of the Hudson Valley. We had no idea all the wonderful pleasures that were coming our way.

It has been seven months now, two months in our new home in Garrison, and in that time I have not written much. So it is about time I get down to work.