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Tempeh with Peppers Kale and Pea ShootsWe Do Love Our Dairy, Eggs and Bacon

make no mistake, but today a nice vegan breakfast was the best way the day, especially after a weekend of abundantly good eating and drinking.

This is one of our favorites, tempeh with sauteed peppers, today we added kale and pea shoots.

A dish like this is full of flavor and a great healthy way to start the day.

Tempeh¹, a vegan meat substitute, is available in the refrigerated organic foods section of all the markets around here.  We got our peppers and kale from Trader Joe’s, on a trip back from New Jersey. Peppers are not in season yet locally, but these from Mexico are very good. The kale is better from the farmers’ market, but the pre-washed and cut from TJ’s does make life easier. The pea shoots are from Continental Organics of New Windsor found at the Colds Spring Farmers’ Market this past weekend.

If you have never had pea shoots you must try them. Great in salads, asian stir fries, as a garnish for soups, and dishes like this, so savory, crisp and delicious.

Pea Shoots

I start by getting everything sliced and ready to go.  In a large fry pan I add two tablespoons or so of sesame oil, enough to coat the pan, then over medium high heat I add the peppers and let them saute until they start to brown and caramelize, 3 to 5 minutes.  I then add a tablespoon or so of Mirin², Japanese sweet rice vinegar, which boils up and picks up the browned pepper on the bottom of the pan. The Mirin adds tart and sweetness. I gently stir every so often.

Next the sliced tempeh goes in,  let that brown for a minute or so, add a touch more oil and/or vinegar if needed. Oil to prevent sticking, vinegar to lift the brown off the pan bottom. Then reduce the heat to low. If you have electric like we do, slide the pan off the burner for a minute or so to let it cool down.  I then add some greens for color, can be anything you have, spinach, kale, radishes. These justy want to be wilted not really cooked.

This all can stay warm on your stove until you are ready so serve. As a finishing touch I sprinkle on a little more vinegar and some sesame seeds and there you have it a delicious healthy breakfast.

Peter Conway, Home Chef

1. Tempeh is fermented soybeans, often mixed with grains and/or rice, in the shape of a patty or cake. It usually has a nutty taste, but often readily absorbs the flavors it is cooked with.  Lindsay S. Nixon The Happy Herbivore

2. Mirin is a common staple used in Japanese cooking. It’s a type of rice wine, similar to sake, but with a lower alcohol and higher sugar content. Mirin has a sweet flavor, which makes it a nice contrast when used with saltier sauces, like soy or tamari. It has a golden to light amber color and a slightly thick consistency. The Kitchn, Ingredient Intelligence

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