A Classic Manhattan for the Mad Men Finale

Mad Men Mahattan CocktailWell I do love sipping a cocktail along with Don and company while enjoying Mad Men. I reserve this pleasure for our two or three times a week after dinner TV hour.  You won’t see me pouring a glass of whiskey or vodka at the office.

For the last glorious episode I made this simple Manhattan. With ingredients as close to what was in a bar of the 60’s from what I had.  Turned out pretty nice.

Don did love his straight Canadian Club and Old Fashioneds, I think he’d like this one two.

A bartender at the world renowned Employees Only in NY told me that one of the original Manhattan recipes had a touch of Triple Sec which I love.

  • 2 Oz Rittenhouse Rye
  • 1 Oz Good Quality Sweet Red Vermouth
  •  Splash of Triple Sec

Stir well over good quality ice.  Pour over a big ice cube in a glass with two maraschino cherries and add three drops of bitters.  I like orange for this drink.


Don and Roger

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