Hiking the North Redoubt Trail Steeped in History

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Created during the American Revolution the North Redoubt and South Redoubt trails in Garrison lead to an awesome vantage point. They carry a great deal of history. It is palpable, you can almost feel the spirits of Continental soldiers who passed this way.

Just to be clear, the word redoubt has no connection to the word doubt. It comes from French redoute and Latin reductus, which means a hidden place, refuge, stronghold.

north redoubt west view west point

And that it is, a precious hidden place that you can walk and admire. From the north end you can begin your trek from a small parking lot on Snake Hill Road diagonally across the street from the Walter Hoving Home.

North Redoubt Trail Parking Lot Hazy Morning

There is a broad slopping lawn by the lot.

north redoubt lawn near parking

The trail is marked with red.

North Redoubt Trail Red Trail Markers

It starts gradually. A mild slope upward.

north redoubt trail starts

Winding its way through the wood the trail begins to ascend.

north redoubt trail starts to rise

Passing a stream.

north redoubt stream


north redoubt sun glistens trough the trees

Passing an occasional trace of humans.

north redoubt primrose

Beauty abounds.

North Redoubt Trail Parking Easy Trails

Some children made lean tos.

North Redoubt Trail Parking Woodland lean too North Redoubt Trail Parking Woodland lean too 2

A cairn marks the fork to the South Redoubt trail.

North Redoubt Trail cairn marks south trail

If you go that way you will come to a beautiful meadow.

North Redoubt Trail South Meadow

Back on the north trail we crossed a long forgotten land border.

North Redoubt Trail Crossing Wall

norht redoubt an old wall

north dredoubt trail getss steaper

As you reach the top you catch glimpses of West Point. I long for the fall when the leaves will drop and share their view.

north redoubt west view west pointMore to the north, as far as the mountains miles away in the west. A great vantage point to spot the British troops.

north redoubt north view 2

north redoubt north view 3

And to the east Garrison Golf Club in the distance.

north redoubt east view to garrison golf club

At the crest little remains of the Redoubt.

North Redoubt Trail at crest remains of old fort

They fought so valiantly.


A redoubt (historically redout) is a fort or fort system usually consisting of an enclosed defensive emplacement outside a larger fort, usually relying on earthworks, although others are constructed of stone or brick.

A guide to this and 21 other trails around Garrison is here 22 Trails in Philipstown. We have walked six so far, each one is more magical than the last.


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