A Walk About Glenclyffe Loop

1 Path Begins Over a Rise South of the Gazebo Near the Garrison Institute BenchesThe trail starts near the river just south of the gazebo on Marcia’s Mile. Near the benches that overlook.

1b Garrison Institute BenchesIf you turn around and look east, you will see the old The Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Mary building that is now home to the Garrison Institute.

2 If you look east you will see the Institute behind you.

The trail is set with red markers.

1a Look for these markersKeep your  eyes open for them as there are places where you can easily wander off the trail and get lost. 3 The Path Begins to decend, many things to look at

At first the path begins to descend, many beautiful things to look at.

4 The Path Goes Up and Down and You Can Catch Glimpses of the RiverThen winds up again near the river.

5 Sometimes it is very closeAt times it is very close and you can catch a glimpse.

6 Ravines cut by glaciers so long ago, dappled lightIt then winds down into a ravine cut by a glacier so long ago, the dappled light is enchanting.

8 Garrison Utilities, it has to go somewhereAlong your way you will have to pass the utilities, they have to be somewhere.

7 At some points you can see evidence of the old manisonAt some points you can see evidence of life around the institute.

9 At one point you will come upon a tunnel of bambooYou will come to a tunnel of bamboo.

10 Thick BambooThick bamboo.

11 Winding up and deeper into the forest such beautiful lightBe careful to stay on the trail as it weaves deeper into the forest.

12 Double Marker Means a Turn in the TrailDouble marker means the trail is turning.

13 Down We Go AgainDown we go again.

14 Keep Your Eyes Open for the markersInto the woods, with beautiful light.

15 Up again towards a beautiful vista point Up again towards a striking vista point.

16 Beuatiful view of the river

Ah, what a view of the river.

17 To the Historic OverlookA little further on is the “historic overlook.”

18 To the Historic OverlookHere it is, somewhat anticlimactic.

19 To the Historic Overlook this is it

There will be a better view once the leaves fall.

20 View is shrouded21 Old FenceRemains of an old barbed wire fence.

22 What is this And what is this thing?

Marked with red trail markers sometimes bordered in redSome of the red trail markers sometimes bordered in white.

Signs Along the WayOn larger trails signs mark the way.

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