Hiking at Manitoga
Two Days – Two Paths

Manitoga Lost Pond Reflections

Near the crest of the Lost Pond Trail at Manitoga you will come upon a moving site, inspiring and quieting at the same moment. Named with the Algonquin word meaning “Place of the Great Spirit,” Manitoga is so filled with the spiritual essence of its creator, you can truly feel it.

We walked two of the longer paths here on a cloudy day and then one filled with sun.

Manitoga Paths Diana Happy

This was the home of Russel Wright, the renowned forward thinking industrial designer. Created out of a desolate area that had been a quarry.  The house can be toured by special arrangements but the paths in the 75 acre woodland garden can be walked whenever the property is open.

Manitoga Paths Accross the Meadow is a map and guideBeautiful on a cloudy or sunny day the paths ascend in a winding pattern ascending in stages as much 650 feet through the woods.

Manitoga Red Hat HikerEntry is from Route 9D, there is a parking lot.  Visitors first stop into the visitors center to sign in, get information and make a donation.

Manitoga Paths Entry House Register and Donate From here you will walk toward the paths, discrete signage leads the way.

Manitoga Paths Follow the SignsAt the foot of the three trails there is a map and guide.

Manitoga Paths Map and Guide

We walked the longer White Pine Loop marked with red and Lost Pond Loop marked with white.

Manitoga Three Paths

Through the woods.

Manitoga Paths through woods

They travel together foe awhile and then branch off. The paths are meant to be walked in one direction, each a loop, the markers with a block dot indicate you are heading the wrong way.

Manitoga Paths Wrong Way

At points you will come to two bridges that go over the stream.

Manitoga Paths bridge over a streamManitoga Paths Rock Bridge

Each step of the way feels rich and fulfilling, I really felt the love and attention that went into creating this place. And all the enjoyment that people have had here. There are spots where you can catch glimpses of the house.

Manitoga Paths View of the House

And the mighty Hudson River. At least now that the leaves have fallen.

Manitoga Paths See the river 2 Manitoga Paths River View At one observation point, marked ion yellow, there are very old boulders, and the house can be seen from another angle.

Manitoga Paths Overlook Manitoga Paths Glimpse of House

Back on the trail.

Manitoga Paths the Blue Manitoga Paths Markers

The no hunting posting signs are mounted backwards in places, looks nicer that way. 
Manitoga Backwards Posting

Someone created this nest for a very big bird.

Manitoga Paths Nest for a Big Bird
Manitoga Big Bird Nest
Manitoga Paths Nest for a Big Bird 2

Moss lines some of the paths.
Manitoga Paths Moss

I was expecting this boulder to speak to me.

Manitoga Paths markers for the three trails

You see how the path ascends.

Manitoga Paths higher 250 feet

Towards the top is the Lost Pond.

Manitoga Paths Lost Pond Sign

At a low point now, in the spring it is much larger, deeper.

Manitoga Paths Lost Pond

All three paths end here at the area called Four Corners.

Manitoga Paths Four Corners

And then you begin your walk down.

Manitoga Paths Walking back down

Passing another house. Probably a caretaker’s home. I would not mind.

Manitoga Paths Someone's house

I loved these to Adirondack Chairs in the wood.

Manitoga Path Two ChairsManitoga Paths Study the Guide




More very old boulders.

manitoga paths very old boulders was a quarry

At the bottom is Mary’s Meadow.  I told you there is always a meadow.  Mary was Russel Wright’s wife and Mother of Annie Wright.
 Manitoga Paths Mary's Meadow

Manitoga Paths a rock stair Manitoga Paths Accross the Meadow is a map and guide
Manitoga Paths look back

Manitoga Web Site

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