Bellissime – Musica – Canto – Capella & Tramonti

Translated — Beautiful Music, Singing, Chapel & Sunset

What a beautiful Friday evening at The Chapel Restoration in Cold Spring.  The sky, sunset so soft and comely, the historic chapel overlooking the river, and the beautiful voices and music of Bellissime, the duo of sisters Ania Butkiewicz and Gabriela Mikova Johnson.

Luscious piano accompaniment by Tania Vaneckova and lovely costume designs  of Veronika Hindle.

The concert was performed at an over 150 year old chapel, originally known as Chapel of Our Lady, overlooking the river from a high perch.  It was built in 1833 for those employed at the West Point Foundry in Cold Spring.  it was designed by, a 19-year-old from England, Thomas Kelah Wharton. And created of “locally made red brick covered with stucco, the chapel was in the Greek Revival style, then in vogue. Its columns were of the Tuscan order, a simple, unfluted version of the Doric, whose supreme expression is the Parthenon in Athens.” Restored and preserved by Chapel Restoration, a nonprofit organization created to restore and maintain this landmark.

The chapel with its view of the river is completely uplifting while it immerses you in history.

The music delightful, like angels on the wing, joy, laughter and tears were abundant in the audience. Ania and Gabriela sang towering opera, show and popular tunes that stirred our soul and filled the chapel with a rapture of harmonious notes and vibrations.

A truly wonderful evening.

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