Exploring West Point Foundry Preserve

West Point Foundry Preserve WalkingTake a walk in history, in this museum in a forest, West Point Foundry Preserve.

Until 1818 Cold Spring was just a tiny settlement on the Hudson River, that began to change with the opening of West Point Foundry as years went by the town became a hub of industrial production for decades to come. It is all ruins now, the story of those times is beautifully told here.

West Point Foundry Preserve Sculpture

Entrance to the property is at the south end of Cold Spring at the end of Foundry Street. There is ample parking, maps and the trails are marked. The first structure you will notice is an artistic rendering of one of the famous gun platforms made here.

You can walk north on a trail that follows the river up to the Cold Spring Train Station and then on through town and back to the preserve.

West Point Foundry Preserve View From Path Railroad Bridge

Or walk south east toward the ruins and the old foundry building, which is being restored now.  The paths on this route are made of metal. Fitting to the location, but rather odd at first. Along the way there are markers that point out portions of a mobile audio tour available at http://www.foundrytour.orgWest Point Foundry Preserve Building

Further along there is an artistic recreation of what was once the massive waterwheel. It is quite stunning compared to renderings on display of what the original building that housed the giant wheel looked like.

West Point Foundry Preserve Waterwheel West Point Foundry Preserve Waterwheel in Forest

Interesting elements like these stairs are found throughout this museum in the woods.  West Point Foundry Preserve Stairs West Point Foundry Preserve Upper  PathThere are lots of regular walking paths that branch off in different directions for fun exploration. The trails are marked.

West Point Foundry Preserve View From Path Big Mound West Point Foundry Preserve View From Path Benches On the PathAlong the way there are benches to sit, take a rest, contemplate the beauty.


Saturday Morning Walk,
at Phillipstown Park

Very well described in 22 Hikes in Philipstown, “A sampling of the many trails within our community” prepared by the Philipstown Greenway Committee in 2005, is the unmarked but nicely maintained trail loop in Phillipstown Park on Route 9D south of Cold Spring.

It is a magical place of wonderful colors, light and natural textures. I would not be at all surprised to see a band of elves scampering into the woods, their tiny feet dancing on the lush green moss.

Other areas where the trees open up letting the sun in there is thick undergrowth that is enticing.

It is a moderate walk that you can loop, back and forth, twice in an hour.

Since moving here in January, we have only hiked five of the 22, I guess we better get to it. If we are to see them all before winter.

22 Hikes in Philipstown

Phillipstown Park Log Stairs Phillipstown Park Mossy Path Phillipstown Park Waterfall Trail of Trees Phillipstown Park


Take the Red Trail, Neo, Hiking in Arden Point Park

Arden Point Red Trail North Red Marker
There are three trails in Arden Point, the main blue trail, Marcia's Mile, this weekend we discovered the red trail which you can find if you go north right after crossing the bridge. Eventually you will see the red trail markers.
Wandering north the river appears.
Closer still, you can see West Point.
Time for a picture.
Looking further we see the river bank near our home.
The river flows.
A pretty view.
Look east to see the train swiftly heading south to New York City.
Walking back we got a little lost, but found this pond.
Saw a goblin hiding behind a tree.
But was just an old fallen stump.
Love the train tracks and the bridge here.
Heading south toward New York City.

Trail Map  Arden Point State Park


Preserve This Sanctuary

Constitution Marsh Canoe

The Annual Constitution Marsh Spring Benefit is on May 3rd

Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary is one of the most precious gems of our Hudson Valley neighborhood.  A member of the national Audubon Society,  the center is vigilantly protecting and nurturing our fragile wildlife and their habitat, and providing a sheltered domain for peaceful contemplation.

The 2015 Benefit…. Continue reading Preserve This Sanctuary


Exploring Constitution Marsh Garrison, NY

Diana Wandering Constitution Marsh

Another gem near Cold Spring is

Constitution Marsh Audubon Center & Sanctuary

This beautiful wildlife sanctuary and education center will be so beautiful in the spring.   We hiked the property and made some wonderful discoveries.

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The Gazebo on the River in Glenclyffe

Gazebo in Glenclyffe on the Hudson RiverWe came across this magical place quite by surprise

while on a walk to Arden Point we were excited to find the path that branches off to Glenclyffe was now clear of snow. It must be even more surprising to discover this gem once it is hidden by the lush green trees we will soon enjoy.

Two stone paths, one on each side, lead up to structure. As we approached images of monks stepping carefully forward, hands in prayer or frolicking partiers balancing glasses of champagne, played in my mind.  As we stepped inside, the spanning view of the river captivated our attention.

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Have You Been To Arden Point

Enjoying the View from Arden Point Garrison NY
The view is magnificent

even in the cold cold winter, here is Diana, her sister Heidi and hubby Perry relaxing for a moment on Arden Point. Can’t wait for the spring to picnic here.

Arden Point State Park is an easy hike through beautiful woods, over a bridge spanning the railroad tracks and ending at a prominent rise over the Hudson River.
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