ArtWare for Good News from Rwanda

Diana and KidsFrom an ocean and hemisphere away Diana reports great success with her work in Rwanda,

Her company ArtWare for Good has a program called Walls That Unite that combines art and education to create change in the world through the universal language of art.

For the last week she has been in Rwanda with her friends and partners Nancy Uslan  and Jeanine Polizzi for the culmination of a recent projects  for the Kabwende and Bisate Schools there.The girlsThe project engaged 5th grade students of the Bullock School in Montclair, NJ and  students of  Monmouth University to create an art installation and literacy project. Together they wrote and illustrated stories that were published in a book that was distributed to 2,000 children in Rwanda.  BookCover[2]

The stories were inspired by each letter of the alphabet that were also made into art that became part of a tile wall mural that was brought across the sea and mounted at the schools.

Putting Up Wall Planning Wall

The project was a tremendous success, a life changing experience for all involved.

ArtWare for Good

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