South of the Border, Down Peekskill Way

Taco Dive Bar GuacamoleSouth of the Putnam-Westchester border that is, you will find fabulous Mexican fare, cocktails and beer at the newly opened Taco Dive Bar by the river, near Riverfront Green and the Peekskill Train Station.

Restauranteur Louie Lanza, has another winner with this fun and fabulous place, and to that we say muy bien, gracias!

We started with a cocktail and a beer and the instantly fresh house made guacamole,  pico de gallo and chips.

Taco Dive Bar Cocktails

The menu is small plate appetizers and salads, and a bunch of delightfully creative tacos which we devoured. Up until now our favorite places for Mexican were in Mexico or our beloved Taqueria Autentica down in Bloomfield, NJ. We thrilled to now have Taco Dive Bar as well.

Taco Dive Bar Kitchen

Lanza brings 25 years of experience creating successful restaurants in New York City, and as they say “If you can make it there…” It shows, this place is perfect at every point, the staff is friendly, engaging and effective. Thanks Emily and Zachary (Hope I got your names right)!

Taco Dive Bar Dining RoomThis place rocks! The music is loud, but that drowns out the trains blairing horns.Taco Dive Bar Beer Oculto

Many beers, standards and originals, several on tap many more in bottle and can. Great cocktails, and a good selection of wines, if that’s your pleasure.

Taco Dive Bar Beef Brisket TacoFood is delicious and creative, Brisket taco was crispy onions was Diana’s favorite. Gluten free is indicated.

Lanza and his wife Joni have a farm in Garrison and source as much as possible locally. I hear that their first restaurant in Peekskill, Hudson Room, has been a great success. I’m embarrassed to say we have not been their yet, but will be soon.

Taco Dive Bar Beer Bottle Lights

Taco Dive Bar

55 Hudson Ave, Peekskill, NY – 914-788-TACO

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