Walkway over the Hudson is Spectacular

Walkway over the Hudson Bridge viewPicture yourself high in the sky with a birds eye view, on the watch from the crows nest of a tall masted schooner, yet you are on solid ground, a bridge in fact with a beautiful view, north and south, of the mighty Hudson.

Walkway over the Hudson Bridge bikerWalking or on your bike, it is quite a spectacle. A modern structure that connects the rail trails from Highland to Poughkeepsie and beyond, east and west.

Walkway over the Hudson biker swerving

At both ends are information centers and great signage to guide your journey. Along the bridge are bits of Hudson River history and trivia.

Walkway over the Hudson biker guidesOn the Poughkeepsie side there is a guide to side trips around town.

Walkway over the Hudson More 360

On the west end there are food trucks and a picnic area. Parking is easy on both.

Walkway over the Hudson food trucks

Walkway Over the Hudson 

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