A Woodland Wonder, Frances Stevens Reese Trail of Discovery

Boscobel Woodland Beautiful Map and Story

At Boscobel in Garrison there is a wonderful trail of discovery named after the late Frances Stevens Reese who was a celebrated advocate of land conservation in the Hudson Valley.

It is a “a self-guided discovery hike for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages which provides ample opportunities to learn about the history and environment of a natural forest, Constitution Marsh and the Hudson River.” Boscobel web site.

After paying admission you will walk past the main Boscobel house toward the trail entry point.

Walk By the Main HouseAlong the drive.

Boscobel Woodland Trail Alon the drivewayTo a opening in the brick wall.

Boscobel Woodland through an opening in the wallPassing this sculture.

Boscobel Woodland Beautiful sculptureContinue past the pond and you will find the entrance point to the trail.

Boscobel Woodland Beautiful Trail Head

There is a map and brochures here. You can pickup one of these guides that will let you check off all the plant and wildlife you may see.

boscobel woodland guideThe path travels in a easy 1 mile loop that takes 1/2 an hour to walk, but you will no doubt spend more time enjoying the many sites.

Boscobel Woodland Beautiful trail markerYou are guided by the yellow trail marker and tree labels, like these.

Boscobel Woodland Beautiful tree with markerYou can stop to rest and meditate.

Boscobel Woodland Beautiful a place to sit gaxeboOr sit and enjoy the view.

Boscobel Woodland Beautiful benches with a beautiful view Boscobel Woodland Beautiful a view of west point Boscobel Woodland Beautiful a view of the marsh

There are wood bridges.

Boscobel Woodland Beautiful a bridgeStreams.

Boscobel Woodland Beautiful a streamMagical woods.

boscobel Notes another wood bridgeOn every Hudson Valley trail there seems to be at least one meadow.

boscobel woodland always a meadowThere is a point where you can go off the trail and hike to Constitution Marsh.

Boscobel Woodland Beautiful trail to Constitution MarshI love this stone bench in memory of James P Rod who was once Warden
of the Constitution Marsh Audubon Sanctuary.Boscobel Woodland James P Rod Memorial stone benchIt also has a wonderful view. See the lone kayaker.

boscobel Notes lone Kayaker in the marshIf you get caught in the rain you can take shelter here.

Boscobel Woodland Beautiful a shelter from rainOr sit and read in the beautiful surroundings.

boscobel woodland ogres live here Boscoble Woodland Very Old Bolders

Franny_sign agreement“Frances Stevens Reese, was a founder and chairwoman emeritus of the environmental group Scenic Hudson. To members of her organization and to many Hudson River preservationists, she was known as the grande dame of the Hudson Valley. Franny Reese, as she was known, was a spark plug in a movement that began 40 years ago with a handful of local gentry who sought to check the unbridled development of the Hudson River Valley.” NY Times

The photo is Franny Reese signing the settlement to allow NY State to acquire and protect Storm King.

Boscobel House and Gardens
1601 Route 9D
Garrison, NY 10524
Phone: (845) 265-3638
Fax: (845) 265-4405
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