A Precarious Path along the River at Manitou Point Preserve

Manitou Point Crashing Waves of the Hudson

Stories of the Hudson Valley do not reveal why this picturesque spot overlooking the river was once called Mystery Point. It has a narrow path that almost dares you to jump. Now called Manitou Point Preserve it is a easy yet exciting walk.

Today it is protected through efforts of Open Space Institute and Scenic Hudson and with the generosity of John Stryker a philanthropist from Kalamazoo, Michigan. One of the many great joys of living here is our discovery that the many ardent friends of the Hudson Valley come from some of the most unlikely places.

Enter from Mystery Point Road off 9D and park at the small lot which has maps of the preserve.

There are trails on both sides of the rail tracks that bisect the preserve. We like the loop that takes you along the edge of the river which is reached by walking down the long gracious driveway.

Manitou Point Drive Way

You will pass a beautiful stream.

Manitou Point Preserve Stream

and cross over a bridge.

Manitou Point Bridge over railway

And arrive at the gates of the old Livingston mansion.  Don’t go in there, that part is private, rather follow the trail markers up into the woods towards the river.

Manitou PointTrail markers are in blue.

Manitou Point Preserve Trail Markers Blue Paint

Manitou Point Preserve Trail MarkersSoon you will reach the river. And perhaps see a passing boat.

manitou point preserve path along the river Manitou Point Preserve Tug and Barge

Along the way you will find several cairns. Add a rock like we did.

manitou point preserve path cairns

The mossy path takes you along a precarious stretch.

manitou point preserve path along the river moss drop manitou point preserve path along the river moss

The river rules.


A pleasant view.

Manitou Point Preserve a Nice View

The trail winds back into the woods.

Manitou Point Path winds into the woods throught the trees

The woodland floor is rich with moss.

manitou point preserve path lush moss Manitou Point Path winds into the woods

At the end of the point you catch a view of the houses on Hudson River Lane.

Manitou Preserve a view of the houses

And the Manitou Marsh.
Manitou Point Preserver Manitou Marsh

A curious lock?

manitou point preserve path a curious lock

Another cairn.
manitou point preserve path another cairn

A boulder that looks like Moby Dick!

Manitou Point preserve boulder looks like a whale

On the way back the trail is closer to the tracks.

Manitou Preserve Trail Back by Tracks

You will probably see a train.

Manitou Point Preserve trail back see a train

At points you have to duck under fallen trees. Limbo lower now!

Manitou Point Preserve Limbo

Manitou point prserver fallen trees

An old road.

Manitou Point Preserve an old road

It is fall.

Manitou Poit Preserve it is fall

But the trees now allow more light.

Manitou Point Preserve it is call more light

Beautiful colors.

Manitou Point Preserve Beautiful Colors

Manitou Point Bridge over railway another viewRead More….

Mystery Point Sold to Billionaire Philanthropist Philipstown.info

Open Space Institute

Scenic Hudson

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