Signs of Spring

Fresh Flowers at the Cold Spring Farmers' Market

Fresh Flowers

at the Cold Spring Farmers’ Market bring welcome thoughts of spring.

With the temperature this week ranging above 40° it feels positively balmy. Yet, I know spring is still weeks off . I will say this, the wonderful Farmers’ Market offerings sure do help shake off the winter blues. For winter CSFM is in the Parish Hall of St Mary-in-the-Highlands, on Saturdays     

Cold Spring Farmer’s Market

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Have You Been To Arden Point

Enjoying the View from Arden Point Garrison NY
The view is magnificent

even in the cold cold winter, here is Diana, her sister Heidi and hubby Perry relaxing for a moment on Arden Point. Can’t wait for the spring to picnic here.

Arden Point State Park is an easy hike through beautiful woods, over a bridge spanning the railroad tracks and ending at a prominent rise over the Hudson River.
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A Very Warm Welcome

Breakneck Ridge Review

At the Cold Spring Farmers Market Benefit Dinner

i had a very warm welcome to the people of the wonderful Hudson Valley community.

The great tunes of the local Breakneck Ridge Revue filled the room of cordial citizens and supporters of our fabulous Cold Spring Farmer’s Market.

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