Sunday Sightings

More Signs of Spring!

Benmarl Winery is a beautiful place to visit.
Garrison Landing Beach. Where's the lifeguard?
The popular Mary Jane's Dairy Bar open for business.
First picnic in the Garrison Landing Private Park, shared with all.
Our first plantings are always pansies, such a beautiful sign of spring.
Diana brought this beautiful sun sculpture home from one of our trips to the Riviera Maya, he has seen a lot and now makes sure there it is always a sunny day on our terrace.



Take the Red Trail, Neo, Hiking in Arden Point Park

Arden Point Red Trail North Red Marker
There are three trails in Arden Point, the main blue trail, Marcia's Mile, this weekend we discovered the red trail which you can find if you go north right after crossing the bridge. Eventually you will see the red trail markers.
Wandering north the river appears.
Closer still, you can see West Point.
Time for a picture.
Looking further we see the river bank near our home.
The river flows.
A pretty view.
Look east to see the train swiftly heading south to New York City.
Walking back we got a little lost, but found this pond.
Saw a goblin hiding behind a tree.
But was just an old fallen stump.
Love the train tracks and the bridge here.
Heading south toward New York City.

Trail Map  Arden Point State Park


Preserve This Sanctuary

Constitution Marsh Canoe

The Annual Constitution Marsh Spring Benefit is on May 3rd

Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary is one of the most precious gems of our Hudson Valley neighborhood.  A member of the national Audubon Society,  the center is vigilantly protecting and nurturing our fragile wildlife and their habitat, and providing a sheltered domain for peaceful contemplation.

The 2015 Benefit…. Continue reading Preserve This Sanctuary


Exploring Constitution Marsh Garrison, NY

Diana Wandering Constitution Marsh

Another gem near Cold Spring is

Constitution Marsh Audubon Center & Sanctuary

This beautiful wildlife sanctuary and education center will be so beautiful in the spring.   We hiked the property and made some wonderful discoveries.

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We’ve also Been West of the River

Bike Ride on Ashokan ReservoirBiking and Lunch, Ashokan Reservoir and Sunfrost Farms

In Ulster County  near Woodstock is the great Ashonka Reservoir which has a great walking or biking path. There are a lot of great biking routes in this region, you can find maps and information here. We like to bike along water and so we picked this route. After a vigorous ride we drove over to a favorite lunch spot, Sunfrost Farms. And then into Woodstock for a casual stroll. More Continue reading We’ve also Been West of the River


The Gazebo on the River in Glenclyffe

Gazebo in Glenclyffe on the Hudson RiverWe came across this magical place quite by surprise

while on a walk to Arden Point we were excited to find the path that branches off to Glenclyffe was now clear of snow. It must be even more surprising to discover this gem once it is hidden by the lush green trees we will soon enjoy.

Two stone paths, one on each side, lead up to structure. As we approached images of monks stepping carefully forward, hands in prayer or frolicking partiers balancing glasses of champagne, played in my mind.  As we stepped inside, the spanning view of the river captivated our attention.

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Beautiful Even On A Cold Snowy Day

Stonecrop Gardens Conservatory

Stonecrop Gardens Will Warm Your Heart

with the awesome beauty of nature so carefully nurtured and preserved. Here are some images we captured during a visit here with friends for the Stonecrop Members Spring Open House today.

We will be visiting here often, I can tell.20150328_132746

Located in hills of Cold Spring, Stonecrop is a beautiful public garden and horticulture center where you will find an extraordinarily diverse collection of flowers and plants in greenhouses; woodland, grass, gravel and water gardens; exquisite raised alpine stone beds; as well as an enclosed English-style flower garden and a magnificent conservatory surrounded by water. And so much more.

Yellow Flowers

Once the home of Anne and Francis Cabot. Mr. Cabot was a financier and self-taught horticulturalist who created two of the most celebrated gardens in North America. Stonecrop Gardens

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