A Visit to Manitoga for the 2015 Artists in Residency Exhibition

Manitoga Appreciation

Today we all know how important great design is to our everyday life. Not so much the case some generations ago.  But visionaries like Russel Wright did know. A forerunner of what many of us take almost completely for granted, as we handle our beautiful iPhone.  Wright believed that “good design was for everyone.”  He embraced and forwarded the empirical axiom that art is not just a part of life. Art is life!

There are few places where this consciousness is more discernible than here at Russel Wright’s former home and design center, Montioga. A place of striking yet gracious beauty, a place where art, nature, and human habitation reside in utter invigorating harmony.

Today exciting initiatives to share the magnificence of this place are underway, one such program is the  2015 Artists in Residency Exhibition, ” a celebration of Russel Wright’s legacy of creative experimentation and celebration of place. Continue reading A Visit to Manitoga for the 2015 Artists in Residency Exhibition


What an Evening of Entertainment and Celebration!

Garrison Art Center Riverside Art Auction Cocktails

Cocktails on the River

So many invites this Saturday night, luckily they were spread out so we could enjoy them all.

The first was Riverside Art Auction at Garrison Art Center, where the devotees of the center turned out in numbers, young and old all walks of life, all lovers of art. As were those at the Manitoga event, to celebrate the opening of the 2015 Artist in Residence works of Stephen Talasnik. And then another gathering of art lovers at The Pantry Cold Spring for an evening of  music by Tall Country. Three very different events with one common denominator, a love of the Hudson Valley and art. Continue reading What an Evening of Entertainment and Celebration!


Hudson Valley Weekend Fun
May 9th & 10th

Colds Spring Farmers Market at Boscobel

Lots of fun things to do this weekend in the Lower and Mid Hudson Valley and beyond.

We are excited that one of our favorite farmers’ market moves outdoors on Saturday, Cold Spring Farmers Market. The Hudson Valley Fair continues this weekend, 2015 Hudson Valley Fair. It is Mother’s Day weekend which does traditionally mean flowers. Check Out this great listing from our friends at Good Homes Hudson Valley, Mothers Day.

Continue reading Hudson Valley Weekend Fun
May 9th & 10th


New York Cork Report and Hudson Valley Pleasures go “Off The Page” with Random House

Ruth Reichl Delicious

“Off the Page” is a fabulous Random House event coming to the Hudson Valley in July.  We will be attending and participating in this wonderful opportunity to  to discover new books, and meet the authors, on personal style, cooking, wellness, entertaining, and spirituality. And thanks to New York Cork Report along with Hudson-Chatham and Tousey Wineries, some great New York wine. What could be better?   Read more about this event and a special offer for you on New York Cork Report  Continue reading New York Cork Report and Hudson Valley Pleasures go “Off The Page” with Random House


The Many Cultures of the Hudson Valley – Celebrating ANZAC Day

Talking About ANZAC Day One of the many things we love about the Hudson Valley is the deep diversity of cultures here.

This Monday morning we gathered with our friends David and Cathy Lilburne and other noted Hudson Valley citizens with roots in Australia or New Zealand to share words and pay tributes to brave soldiers and observe ANZAC Day, the national day of remembrance that commemorates the sacrifice and contributions of all Australians and New Zealanders who have served in the military.

Our group was small but the emotions ran large. Each of us had a story to tell of family members who served. My father was was stationed in New Guinea with the U.S. Army during World War II, part of the U.S. Pacific Campaign.

Moments like this give rise to a wonderful sad gratefulness for all we have today.

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An Intriguing World of Antique Books, Maps and Curios

Antipodean Ooooh

Can Be Found at Antipodean Books

a fabulous book store and gallery on Garrison Landing created and owned by David and Cathy Lilburne. David was the first person Diana and I met here in Garrison when we were searching for a new home.  His warm personality told us we were in the right place.

That’s Diana and David  marveling over one of the many antique prints for sale in the store. Continue reading An Intriguing World of Antique Books, Maps and Curios


Happy Persian New Year 2015

Tajik girls celebrate the Iranian Nowruz (New Year) on March 21, 2014 in Dushanbe, Tajikestan.

Tonight we celebrate the Joy of Spring, Nowruz, with very good friends

A festivity of the joy of spring. Nowruz (Persian: نوروز‎, “[The] New Day”) it is at least 3,000 years old. The first day of the Persian calendar, this year the holiday began on March 21st and lasts for 12 days.  This date makes so much more sense to me than January 1st. For me life begins with spring.

It is a secular holiday, yet Nowruz is deeply rooted in the rituals of the Zoroastrian religion.  It is celebrated and embraces the unique cultures of Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Tajikestan, Pakistan and parts of India and among the Kurds. And all over the world by people of these wonderful lands. We will be celebrating in Montclair in NJ.

The photo “Tajik girls celebrate Nowruz  in Dushanbe, Tajikestan” is from the website of Dr. Kaveh Farrokh who is dedicated to the Advancement of Ancient Iranian and Classical Studies. Continue reading Happy Persian New Year 2015


Lift Your Heart at Garrison Institute

Krishna DasGarrison Institute is one of the Hudson Valley’s real gems.

An  Evening of Kirtan at Garrison Institute with Krishna Das.

An organization devoted to world change through Contemplation, Action, Transformation. This weekend the “Rock Star” of  Yoga, Krishna Das, is conducting Heart of Devotion Retreat, a weekend of yoga, chanting and devotional heart-opening practices.

On Friday and Saturday evening there are Kirtan concerts open to the public, we are attending both nights.  More Information Here

 What is Kirtan you wonder?  Continue reading Lift Your Heart at Garrison Institute