A Precarious Path along the River at Manitou Point Preserve

Manitou Point Crashing Waves of the Hudson

Stories of the Hudson Valley do not reveal why this picturesque spot overlooking the river was once called Mystery Point. It has a narrow path that almost dares you to jump. Now called Manitou Point Preserve it is a easy yet exciting walk.

Today it is protected through efforts of Open Space Institute and Scenic Hudson and with the generosity of John Stryker a philanthropist from Kalamazoo, Michigan. One of the many great joys of living here is our discovery that the many ardent friends of the Hudson Valley come from some of the most unlikely places. Continue reading A Precarious Path along the River at Manitou Point Preserve


A Woodland Wonder, Frances Stevens Reese Trail of Discovery

Boscobel Woodland Beautiful Map and Story

At Boscobel in Garrison there is a wonderful trail of discovery named after the late Frances Stevens Reese who was a celebrated advocate of land conservation in the Hudson Valley.

It is a “a self-guided discovery hike for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages which provides ample opportunities to learn about the history and environment of a natural forest, Constitution Marsh and the Hudson River.” Boscobel web site. Continue reading A Woodland Wonder, Frances Stevens Reese Trail of Discovery


Hiking the North Redoubt Trail Steeped in History

Imacon Color Scanner

Created during the American Revolution the North Redoubt and South Redoubt trails in Garrison lead to an awesome vantage point. They carry a great deal of history. It is palpable, you can almost feel the spirits of Continental soldiers who passed this way. Continue reading Hiking the North Redoubt Trail Steeped in History


Walkway over the Hudson is Spectacular

Walkway over the Hudson Bridge viewPicture yourself high in the sky with a birds eye view, on the watch from the crows nest of a tall masted schooner, yet you are on solid ground, a bridge in fact with a beautiful view, north and south, of the mighty Hudson.

Walkway over the Hudson Bridge bikerWalking or on your bike, it is quite a spectacle. A modern structure that connects the rail trails from Highland to Poughkeepsie and beyond, east and west.

Walkway over the Hudson biker swerving

At both ends are information centers and great signage to guide your journey. Along the bridge are bits of Hudson River history and trivia.

Walkway over the Hudson biker guidesOn the Poughkeepsie side there is a guide to side trips around town.

Walkway over the Hudson More 360

On the west end there are food trucks and a picnic area. Parking is easy on both.

Walkway over the Hudson food trucks

Walkway Over the Hudson 


Let’s Go Sailing

Sail Boat On the HudsonThere are few things to my mind more blissful than sailing. Yes it is some work and you do have to know the tricks, but that moment when the wind is just right, your lines are taught and you can just sit back and guide the rudder, that’s heaven.

Here are some ways to partake

Come Sailing  on board the sloop Clearwater

Black Swan Sailing

Tivoli Sailing

Croton Sailing School

Hudson Valley Magazine Cruises and Sailing

Sailboat and Freighter



Exploring West Point Foundry Preserve

West Point Foundry Preserve WalkingTake a walk in history, in this museum in a forest, West Point Foundry Preserve.

Until 1818 Cold Spring was just a tiny settlement on the Hudson River, that began to change with the opening of West Point Foundry as years went by the town became a hub of industrial production for decades to come. It is all ruins now, the story of those times is beautifully told here.

West Point Foundry Preserve Sculpture

Entrance to the property is at the south end of Cold Spring at the end of Foundry Street. There is ample parking, maps and the trails are marked. The first structure you will notice is an artistic rendering of one of the famous gun platforms made here.

You can walk north on a trail that follows the river up to the Cold Spring Train Station and then on through town and back to the preserve.

West Point Foundry Preserve View From Path Railroad Bridge

Or walk south east toward the ruins and the old foundry building, which is being restored now.  The paths on this route are made of metal. Fitting to the location, but rather odd at first. Along the way there are markers that point out portions of a mobile audio tour available at http://www.foundrytour.orgWest Point Foundry Preserve Building

Further along there is an artistic recreation of what was once the massive waterwheel. It is quite stunning compared to renderings on display of what the original building that housed the giant wheel looked like.

West Point Foundry Preserve Waterwheel West Point Foundry Preserve Waterwheel in Forest

Interesting elements like these stairs are found throughout this museum in the woods.  West Point Foundry Preserve Stairs West Point Foundry Preserve Upper  PathThere are lots of regular walking paths that branch off in different directions for fun exploration. The trails are marked.

West Point Foundry Preserve View From Path Big Mound West Point Foundry Preserve View From Path Benches On the PathAlong the way there are benches to sit, take a rest, contemplate the beauty.