Spring Wines and Dinner for One

Tariquet Classic Côtes de Gascogne

With weather like we are having today

my daydreams drift off to spring wine. One of our favorite regions for bright fun wines for spring is the “Sud-Oeust” a beautiful region is south west France.

Here is one you’ll love by environmentally conscious Domain Du Tariquet from the region called Côtes de Gascogne!

Diana was out for the evening at a meeting in New York City so I decided to make myself a nice dinner for one and try this wine.

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Peakskill Brewery is a Fav!

Peakskill Brewery Beer Board

and is another place that sold us on the eastern bank of the Hudson River

When we began our search for a new home last summer Peekskill was on our list.  Which of course brought us back to Peakskill Brewery.  We had visited their original smaller location a couple of years ago, were not all that impressed at the time. But the new place, Wow! We decided we would love to have a bar like this in our backyard.

The beer, cocktails, food, staff, ambiance is all fabulous here.

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Sustainably Produced Wines

Mulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc

like this delightful Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa

are all we drink these days.  Call it Organic, Bio-dynamic, Natural, what have you as long as they are made with due respect for our dear Mother Earth.

In the coming months we will be writing a lot about local Hudson Valley wines and  sustainably produced wines from around the world.

For the wine we made local versions of some dishes from a recent Bon Appetite article Inside Shed, Sonoma County’s Charming General Store and Restaurant

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Signs of Spring

Fresh Flowers at the Cold Spring Farmers' Market

Fresh Flowers

at the Cold Spring Farmers’ Market bring welcome thoughts of spring.

With the temperature this week ranging above 40° it feels positively balmy. Yet, I know spring is still weeks off . I will say this, the wonderful Farmers’ Market offerings sure do help shake off the winter blues. For winter CSFM is in the Parish Hall of St Mary-in-the-Highlands, on Saturdays     

Cold Spring Farmer’s Market

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Best Coffee in Cold Spring is

The Pantry Cafe Cortado

at The Pantry

and their Cortado is Diana’s favorite pour now, at the best place for coffee we have found in the area. From Spain, it’s like a macchiato, an espresso with a small cut of milk, at The Pantry on route 9 in Cold Spring.

We have enjoyed breakfast here many times and is one of our go-to places for craft beers.  The sandwiches and salads, as well as fresh squeezed juices are terrific. And there’s more.

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This Week’s Cocktail – The Handsome Gentleman

Handsome Gentleman CocktailWe created this cocktail

for a small dinner party this past Friday evening. Made with all local ingredients, almost.

From the Hudson Valley, Millbrook Distillery, Founders Rye; The Hudson Standard, Apple Coriander Maple Shrub, Dutch’s Spirits, Prohibitters. and from Jerez, Spain, Lustau Amontillado Los Arcos Sherry.

Fabulously delicious.

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Have You Been To Arden Point

Enjoying the View from Arden Point Garrison NY
The view is magnificent

even in the cold cold winter, here is Diana, her sister Heidi and hubby Perry relaxing for a moment on Arden Point. Can’t wait for the spring to picnic here.

Arden Point State Park is an easy hike through beautiful woods, over a bridge spanning the railroad tracks and ending at a prominent rise over the Hudson River.
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Living on “The Landing”

Our House on Garrison Landing

On a snowy day

towards the end of December we began our move from Montclair, NJ, to Garrison. Diana and I dwelt in Montclair for 27 years, raised two children, Nell and Pierce, and have many precious memories.

January 2015 began another great adventure here in the Hudson Valley. Where we will be making many rich deposits in our “Memory Banks”, as my mother. Elva, loved to say, the greatest wealth you can have.

She would have loved this place.

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