Yes, Sir, That’s Some Mighty Fine
Texas BBQ!

Roundup Texas BBQ Cold SpringWe’ve had a hankering to try the local BBQ place our friends have been raving about.  Located outside of town a bit south of 301 on Route 9 Cold Spring, Roundup Texas BBQ & Tumbleweed Saloon looks a lot like a place you find down south.

We enjoyed our dinner which included a tasting of several meats and sides.  Continue reading Yes, Sir, That’s Some Mighty Fine
Texas BBQ!


An Italian Rose with a Dinner Fresh from the Cold Spring Farmers Market

Il Rose Di Casanova

With Sunday dinner, Had this fabulous Italian Rose, or Rosato as it is called there, from one of my favorite Tuscan producers, La Spinetta. Also know for their excellent Piedmont wines.

Our dinner that was all from the Cold Spring Farmers Market except the pasta which came all the way from Puglia, and the cheese.

Available at:

Artisan Wine Shop
where food meets its match

180 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

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Just Because We Are off Wine This Week for a Cleanse

Ribs From Marbled Meats

Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Write

about the great Shiraz we had last week and the great dinner from Marbled Meat Shop and the Cold Spring Farmers Market.

As you may note we are on a bit of a Syrah kick, both the great Syrah’s from France, Rhone Valley in particular, and the same grape by another name, Shiraz, from Australia, especially the McLaren Vale region.  We love these robust earthy wines for all sorts of summer dishes. Our cleansing fast this week is in preparation. Continue reading Just Because We Are off Wine This Week for a Cleanse


Something Different for Breakfast

Tempeh with Peppers Kale and Pea ShootsWe Do Love Our Dairy, Eggs and Bacon

make no mistake, but today a nice vegan breakfast was the best way the day, especially after a weekend of abundantly good eating and drinking.

This is one of our favorites, tempeh with sauteed peppers, today we added kale and pea shoots.

A dish like this is full of flavor and a great healthy way to start the day. Continue reading Something Different for Breakfast


Everything You Need Is Here

Vera's Phillipstown Farmers Market Counter

at Vera’s Philipstown Farm Market

Sure we miss all the fine food stores we had so close by our former home in Montclair, NJ. Whole Foods, Traders Joe’s, Fairway, Kings, ShopRite, and more all within a few miles.

Yet, as we venture about our new domain we are delighted with all the appealing new places we are finding. We love the integrity and commitment to quality that Hudson Valley merchants possess.  We adore that we don’t have to go out onto the highway or to strip centers boring in their corporate homogeneity.

At 3901 US Route 9 Vera's Sign

we found Vera’ along with The Pantry and Marbled Meat Shop and here you can find everything you need to happily fill your kitchen cupboards and your eager tummy.

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On a Cold Rainy Night

chionetti dolcetto di doglianiA very good red wine and comfort food is in order

Imagine Giuseppe Chionetti with his family sitting by the hearth tasting wine of one his early harvests, his son Andrea taking a small sip too.  It was April 1914, the rainy season in Dogliani, the wine was still young but showed great promise. Giuseppe glanced a warm smile to his wife as she served their dinner. Farming was a struggle, but life was good, World War I had not yet come to Italy.

Over a century later, on another rainy night, we are tasting Giuseppe’s legacy in a 2008 vintage of his great wine. A tradition carried on by his son, Andrea, and grandson Quinto. And I smile to Diana and she back to me, what a wonderful wine.

 Chionetti Dolcetto di Dogliani Briccolero 2008

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For Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, Marbled Meat, Cold Spring, NY

Chris Butcher at Marbled MeatYou’ll find only the very best, meats, cheeses, condiments and accompaniments at Lisa Hall and Chris Pascarella’s new Marbled Meat Shop in Cold Spring.

Conveniently  located next to Vera’s on route 9, MMS has quickly become a regular shopping destination for us. We love Lisa and Chris and everything they offer here.  See 4/4/2015 updates  Continue reading For Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, Marbled Meat, Cold Spring, NY


Today at Cold Spring Farmers Market

This Saturday There’ll be Music at the Market:

Tall County, the Hudson Valley-based trio featuring local musicians Liz B. Rauch on fiddle, vocals & ukulele, Ned P. Rauch on guitar, vocals, banjo, ukulele, and from upstate, Colin DeHond on bass, vocals & banjo, will be playing from 10am to noon.

Cold Spring Farmers’ Market

Tall County – Shine from Beehive Productions on Vimeo.