Noodles Anyone? Ramenesque in Peekskill

Ramenesque Shoyu Ramen

Ramenesque, Well Prepared Japanese Cuisine in Peekskill

Well our search for really great Asian continues, we enjoyed Ramenesque and loved talking with the owner, chef, former women’s fashion designer, Nikki Lee. Her recipes engage with subtle flavors. Not as exciting as our favorite ramen place, Ani Ramen, in our former town Montclair, but very enjoyable.

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An Intriguing World of Antique Books, Maps and Curios

Antipodean Ooooh

Can Be Found at Antipodean Books

a fabulous book store and gallery on Garrison Landing created and owned by David and Cathy Lilburne. David was the first person Diana and I met here in Garrison when we were searching for a new home.  His warm personality told us we were in the right place.

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Today at Cold Spring Farmers Market

This Saturday There’ll be Music at the Market:

Tall County, the Hudson Valley-based trio featuring local musicians Liz B. Rauch on fiddle, vocals & ukulele, Ned P. Rauch on guitar, vocals, banjo, ukulele, and from upstate, Colin DeHond on bass, vocals & banjo, will be playing from 10am to noon.

Cold Spring Farmers’ Market

Tall County – Shine from Beehive Productions on Vimeo.


A Nice Pinot Noir from Piemonte

Monte Degli Angeli Piemonte Pinot Noir

found at Yannitelli Wines, Cold Spring

We like Yannitelli wines and spirits for their eclectic offerings of well selected wines at good price points, value and premium.

From a region that produces mostly expensive Barolo wines comes an oddity that is a real value at $13.00. This delicious Pinot Noir is a fun everyday wine. Served with a delicious dinner we made a home.

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In Search of Great Asian, Sukhothai in Beacon

Sukhothai Beacon BarSukhothai in Beacon was good, not quite Spectacular!

I love the Yelp or Trip Advisor reviewers who use superlative words, and you shake your head and say, wow, they have never even experienced “Spectacular.”

Now Sukhothai certainly does deserve many of the good reviews they have, but we live with a diners curse. We’ve had “Spectacular” a lot of it. Places like Sailor Thai in Sydney, Australia, really authentic Thai in Queens NY and San Francisco. We just are not happy with good or very good we want spectacular.

Fortunately, there are many people and places that are doing exceptional, spectacular, food here in the Hudson Valley, just not Asian it seems We will keep trying. Reviews on Palace Dumpling and Ramenesque are coming.

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Spring Wines and Dinner for One

Tariquet Classic Côtes de Gascogne

With weather like we are having today

my daydreams drift off to spring wine. One of our favorite regions for bright fun wines for spring is the “Sud-Oeust” a beautiful region is south west France.

Here is one you’ll love by environmentally conscious Domain Du Tariquet from the region called Côtes de Gascogne!

Diana was out for the evening at a meeting in New York City so I decided to make myself a nice dinner for one and try this wine.

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Peakskill Brewery is a Fav!

Peakskill Brewery Beer Board

and is another place that sold us on the eastern bank of the Hudson River

When we began our search for a new home last summer Peekskill was on our list.  Which of course brought us back to Peakskill Brewery.  We had visited their original smaller location a couple of years ago, were not all that impressed at the time. But the new place, Wow! We decided we would love to have a bar like this in our backyard.

The beer, cocktails, food, staff, ambiance is all fabulous here.

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