Hudson Valley Weekend Fun
May 9th & 10th

Colds Spring Farmers Market at Boscobel

Lots of fun things to do this weekend in the Lower and Mid Hudson Valley and beyond.

We are excited that one of our favorite farmers’ market moves outdoors on Saturday, Cold Spring Farmers Market. The Hudson Valley Fair continues this weekend, 2015 Hudson Valley Fair. It is Mother’s Day weekend which does traditionally mean flowers. Check Out this great listing from our friends at Good Homes Hudson Valley, Mothers Day.

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May 9th & 10th


Toro Korean and Japanese Dining
in Fishkill

Toro Fishkill Sushi BarThursday night dinner at Toro in Fishkill. Friends recommended this place. We enjoyed the Korean more than the Japanese. Great sake list! Will be back for sake and cooked small plates.

We like sharing our restaurant discoveries, hope you like reading them. But I am so done with food pictures! Taking them and posting them. So you won’t be seeing them here anymore. I leave that to the pros.

Also we are adopting a simple restaurant rating scale. Three levels. Definitely going back soon, will go back, wont be going back.  Now since we have dozens of places to try the return trip may take awhile, but you get the idea. Toro fell into category two. Continue reading Toro Korean and Japanese Dining
in Fishkill


Finally Found a Thai Place We Really Like – Golden Buddha in Fishkill

Golden Buddha Thai Fishkill Fine Wines and Beers and Cocktails

Our friend Joanne told me this place was great, then terrible, now she heard it is great again, new ownership since August. We decided to give it a try.

I used to try and do real restaurant reviews and such, but it is all so subjective, so I stopped. I guess the bottom line is that we were happy enough with Golden Buddha that we are looking forward to going back.  There are a few reasons.

The staff here are nice, genuinely interested and the food was very good, we had just sampling of some basics. Is that enough? No it’s not.  There are lot of interesting dishes on the menu, beyond the typical Thai fare, we want to try. The wine list is well considered. I will tell you why. Lastly the dinning room is appealing with a calming modern ambiance.

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Just Because We Are off Wine This Week for a Cleanse

Ribs From Marbled Meats

Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Write

about the great Shiraz we had last week and the great dinner from Marbled Meat Shop and the Cold Spring Farmers Market.

As you may note we are on a bit of a Syrah kick, both the great Syrah’s from France, Rhone Valley in particular, and the same grape by another name, Shiraz, from Australia, especially the McLaren Vale region.  We love these robust earthy wines for all sorts of summer dishes. Our cleansing fast this week is in preparation. Continue reading Just Because We Are off Wine This Week for a Cleanse


Artisan Wine Shop, Beacon
Another Great Wine Store

Artisan Wine Shop Beacon Wine Browsing

I am one very lucky guy

to have many great wine stores so nearby. I have been anxious to check out Artisan Wine Shop in Beacon. Wanting to see what they have to offer but reluctant because some small wine shops are just too specialized for me. I was so happy to find a store that is very approachable, offering many interesting selections, which are well presented, and at reasonable price points.

Being CIA graduates, that’s Culinary Institute of America, not the other CIA, owners, Mei Ying and Tim Buzinski bring a unique angle to their provisioning of fine libations, which is how well they go with food. Which is to my mind essential.

That’s my friend Jonathan, a wine geek like me, he found a lot he liked too.

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Another Great Wine Store


Something Different for Breakfast

Tempeh with Peppers Kale and Pea ShootsWe Do Love Our Dairy, Eggs and Bacon

make no mistake, but today a nice vegan breakfast was the best way the day, especially after a weekend of abundantly good eating and drinking.

This is one of our favorites, tempeh with sauteed peppers, today we added kale and pea shoots.

A dish like this is full of flavor and a great healthy way to start the day. Continue reading Something Different for Breakfast


Chatham Brewing Tap Takeover

Cold Spring General Store Taps Chatham Brewingat Cold Spring General Store

I am speaking with a little tongue in cheek, because a Tap Takeover¹ is generally when a particular brewer takes over all or many of a bar or pub’s² taps to showcase many of their beers. But, as Chris Cunningham, General Manager of Chatham Brewing who was serving this night, said “this is the easiest Take Takeover I’ve ever done.”

The  occasion was Cold Spring General Store’s first anniversary party,  the shop is small yet very smartly stocked, two taps were just right to get a worthy sampling of Chatham Brewery’s work, they make over sixteen beers. Continue reading Chatham Brewing Tap Takeover


Do You Remember the General Store

Cold Spring General Store Owners Deanna and Craig Muraszewski

I do, when I was a kid,

we had a great general store where I lived. Once an essential part of the social fabric of the thousands of small towns that made up America, they began to disappear with the advent of the automobile and highways. A lot has changed since then.

Today we are entering another era in America, an age of greater sensibility and integrity about what we consume, it’s a perfect time for a new version of the general store. One that harkens back to small town values yet takes advantage of all that current technology can bring to contemporary retail, from the pervasiveness of social media, to the powerful distribution logistics networks we have today.

Enter Deanna and Craig Muraszewski and their modern day version of the general store, simply named, Cold Spring General Store. It has been a year now since they opened, and their shop has been a great success. Continue reading Do You Remember the General Store


Birdsall House, Craft Beer Gastropub, Peekskill NY

Bridsall House


Is another bar we really like

for their great beer selection,  delicious food, and friendly atmosphere.  Set in a bar that had been a Peekskill fixture for decades, Tim Reinke co-owner of the Blind Tiger Ale House, a famous beer pub in New York City, and Gleason’s restaurant in Peekskill, modestly renovated, majorly cleaned, and opened this place with John Sharp, also of Gleason’s, in 2010.

They saw an opportunity in the renewal of Peekskill, that is now really starting to take shape, at least as far as the food and drink scene go. Continue reading Birdsall House, Craft Beer Gastropub, Peekskill NY