Happy at Healy’s Corner Bar

Healy's corner restaurant and bar, tapsEvery couple of months we make the trek up to the big beautiful DeCicco & Sons market in Brewster.  It is a forty minute drive, which for us, who used to live in Montclair, NJ  no more than 10 minutes from six great supermarkets and countless specialty shops, is a ways.

DeCicco’s has a great selection of all sorts of gourmet delights so it is worth the drive. On our latest trip we decided to check out Healy’s Corner Bar in nearby Carmel.

Healy’s is relatively new, opened in 2011, but it feels like it has been here forever, a friendly neighborhood type place that I loved growing up. Great places like this seem to have disappeared over the years as corporate chains baited diners and drinkers away with what looked like the next big thing.  We have never favored corporate dining and are delighted when we find a place like this.

Hear you’ll find a full bar with a good number of beers on tap, half are rotating craft, the rest major brands.  For your dining pleasure there is a nice menu of American dishes including, creative salads, enticing sandwiches, entrees called “Healy’s Signatures” with steaks, chicken dishes, fish and chips, and more.  On the menu you will also find homemade Italian from “Curzio’s Kitchen” who ever that is, sounds authentic.  And burgers! 12 varieties, or build your own. Last year, voted best burgers in Putnam. They are served with a choice of  homemade French or sweet potato fries, potato salad, garlic mashed, cole slaw, side salad, or vegetable of the day. For those who need there are gluten free options. Eat at the bar or in one of the two dining rooms.

Served by one of the genuinely friendly bartenders I have ever met, Jason, we enjoyed some good beer and burgers.  What’s on tap can be found on Beer Menus. I won’t be looking for wine here.

I devoured the special burger of the month, January, “Mac and Cheese Burger” with very tasty French fries.

Healy's corner restaurant and bar, burge special mac and cheeseDiana enjoyed the bun-less “Shroom Burger” with portobella mushrooms instead of bread. She picked the sweet potato fries, which she did not like as much as my French, said they weren’t sweet enough.

Healy's corner restaurant and bar, burger shrooms

There is a happy hour and events and specials during the week, live music, more info on Healey’s web site.

Thursday is $2 Taco night, and your are invited to take the “Taco Challenge” which I understand to win you’ll have to eat more than 21.  I had two, good, not the best, but a good cheap bar bite.

Healy's corner restaurant and bar, thursday 2 dollar tacos  The bar has a lot of TV’s and I imagine Healy’s get quite crowded on  major sport days.

Nothing much to look at from the outside, yet Healy’s is a friendly neighborhood place with good food and drink for reasonable prices. As it is mean to be. Lovingly owned and operated by Stacey & Ryan Healy.

Healy’s Corner Restaurant
474 Route 52
Carmel, NY 10512
(845) 306-7087



Make Ours a Dark Roast


We like our coffee strong, dark is our roast of choice. It yields those shiny beans that look so fresh and appealing.

There are a many great coffee roasters in the Hudson Valley, we do like Tas Cafe in Beacon and others. But, these beautiful beans come from Adams Fairacre market in Wappinger Falls. They are organic Peruvian beans roasted to perfection.  To get this glorious coffee you have to ask. It is not out in the main dispensing tubes at the coffee counter.

Adams Coffee

If you like a dark roast too,  ask for Adam’s Organic Peruvian Dark Roast. It is a wonderful coffee as is there Sumatra.

The glistening dark color comes from the roasting process, after the “second crack” that comes as the coffee expands after 15 in the roasting process cracks the shell and releases the coffee oils.   At this point it is called “Full City” a medium roast. After 16 minutes it turns to gold a  Dark Roast.  Or  “High Roast Italian, French, New Orleans, European, Continental and Viennese, it’s common enough to have been claimed by half of Europe.”  Everything You Need to Know About the Roasting Process

Of course we buy the beans whole, and grind before brewing in a French Press. That is the way to start the day!

Bag and Press cropped



Brunch at Purdy’s Farmer and the Fish

purdy's farmer and the fish Bloody Mary Grilled cheese with bacon

What better way to begin a happy Sunday brunch than a sprightly bloody mary! They have a few to choose from here, I opted for the grilled cheese and bacon.

Purdy’s Farmer and the Fish, is a restaurant that has come up often when we’ve asked new acquaintances here to name some favorites. Taking their advise we joined friends here for a delightful meal. Continue reading Brunch at Purdy’s Farmer and the Fish


Beacon’s Got Bakers

Ella's Bella Busy Counter

Their are few small cities that can boast of having as many fabulous bakers as Beacon, NY.  Whether it is gluten free, authenticate Non GMO whole grain, or utterly decadent you will find your heart’s desire here.

Beacon Bakery You Are Most Welcome

Starting from the North and heading down Main Street our first stop is Beacon Bread Company at 193 Main Street we love this place for their great, breakfasts, brunch and all.  Known for their friendly service, great homemade soups and artisan breads we sung their praises here Beacon Bakery Beckons.

All You Knead Bakery

One of our favorites for their breads, desserts and savory pies is All You Knead, they are always at our local farmers market.

Pure, handmade and true to traditions their breads and pastries are made from the best available non-GMO whole wheat. Here they praise the high gluten protein level in their products as it produces a hearty, chewy crumb interior.

All You Knead  is at 308 Main Street in Beacon and at many Hudson Valley Farmers Market as well as Adams Fairacre Markets.

Get Frosted Cupcakes

If sugar shock is on your mind, and who does not love that, then the hand crafted delights at Get Frosted are for you. We have not tried but it sure looks good a few doors north at 323 Main Street Beacon. Here the say “We are a “from scratch” bakery that uses local produce and products whenever they are available.” There is a weekly rotation of vanilla and chocolate and 10 other flavors, out of 100, each week.

Ella's Bella The goodies

If gluten free is your need or simply your desire then Ella’s Bellas will be heaven to you. We buy bread and desserts here because they are just so delicious. Ella’s serves food and wine all day long as well as great coffee, teas and soup.Ella's Bella The Menu

You can also buy Beacon’s own Tas Kafe here which is fresh roasted right on location.  Ella’s goodness can be found at shops around the valley.  They are also working on opening a shop in Cold Spring.

Ella’s Bellas 418 Main Street, Beacon, NY

A bit further on is the last stop on our bakery crawl,  The Beacon Bagel, is a fine place for breakfast or lunch.

Beacon Bagel ShopA creative selection of bagels are found here along with sandwiches and coffee from 7:00 AM to 3:00.   The Beacon Bagel 466 Main Street Beacon.


From Barn to Table and More You’ll Love

After the Barn The Store

You’ve herard of  “farm to table” here we have “Barn to Table & Home. ” It all started with a  challenge to create a media room out of barn wood, fast forward 10 years and we have “After the Barn” today,  a charming shop we love on historic Lower Main Street in Beacon.

Here you can find hand crafted furniture made of reclaimed barn wood and antique and crafted home decor items of a delightful variety.

This American flag, that now graces our friends’ home in Mendham, NJ is a perfect example.

After the Barn FlagRobert Staab and Sue Voglio, owners of the shop have a real eye for precious old objects and the art they hold. They have amassed an abundant collection of  old time country curiosities, trinkets and decorative pieces for every taste.

After the Barn Insulators

We are looking forward to purchasing one of their tables for our home in Garrison in the spring.

After the Barn The Store FrontMeanwhile we expect to be doing some holiday shopping here.

After the Barn

508 Main St., Beacon, NY (845) 202-7146

Historic Lower Main Street Beacon


Neighborhood Bar & Grill Meets Manhattan Cosmopolitan

The Vault Dining Room and Bar

Step inside The Vault, a new and exciting Beacon restaurant, and you feel immediately at home, the feeling only you get at a local place.  We joined friends here for dinner on a Sunday night, and thoroughly enjoyed the spacious yet cozy environment, worldly cuisine and smart drink selections that give this place the feeling of a neighborhood place with small town charm and big city flair! Continue reading Neighborhood Bar & Grill Meets Manhattan Cosmopolitan


Stagnant Employment & Wages? Not in the Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Biz!


You may live here and probably know. It is not hard to notice. Seems like everyday we see a new restaurant, brewer, food maker or purveyor etc. popping up in the Hudson Valley.

Recently we got the real stats.  Presented at the exciting 2015 Hudson Valley Beer, Wine, Spirits & Cider Summit, an annual event of the Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Alliance “fueled by” Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation.

So the news is this, over 57,000 people are employed by HV based Food and Bev businesses which represents growth of 20% in employment numbers over the last five years with a healthy 7.5% growth rate in wages.

Why does this make us happy? Continue reading Stagnant Employment & Wages? Not in the Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Biz!


We Enjoyed Dining at Kitchen Sink in Beacon

Kitchen Sink Dining Room

I don’t remember where I saw a mention of this place, but I immediately knew it was likely to be a restaurant we would like. And sure enough it is.

It is thrilling to see great new places opening up in Beacon. Harry’s Hot Sandwiches; The Vault which we plan to try soon, and Kitchen Sink, Chef Brian Arnoff’s inspired restaurant that opened in August.  Continue reading We Enjoyed Dining at Kitchen Sink in Beacon